Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Forever Home

Just wanted to give you an update on Eclipse and Luna, the kittens I bottle fed and raised for six weeks. The kittens that I oh so reluctantly decided to place in the care of a organization that could better facilitate their adoption. I have been getting periodic updates, mostly things like how they are doing, that they passed all their tests, that they are happy and healthy. The foster mommy that has been taking care of them has been wonderful and allowing me to check up on them often. I just can’t help it I love these babies.

My favorite updates were just simple pictures. She has a dog and three kids so the kittens were able to be exposed to more things and therefore have a great chance of being placed in more homes. She also had an older cat that acted as a surrogate mama and two fourteen week old kittens (that were six weeks older than my little babies) that they could play with. One of my favorite updates was this one.


And then last week I got some fantastic news. Both kittens got adopted at their first showing and even better they got adopted together. I am sad that this will be the end of my contact with them, it isn’t like I can stalk their new owner and keep asking for updates... although I did consider asking. I just have to be happy that these babies are healthy and that they have also found a forever home. I miss them but I know that they have had the best start I could give them.


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paul peggy zeus said...

My cousin, Terry used to watch infants before they got adopted and Im sure she could totally relate. She often said how attached she would get of those little babies, but it's such a beautiful and selfless act to do at the same time.

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