Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Dinner, because I can spread my birthday over a whole week if I want too!

I didn’t have a birthday dinner last weekend for friends and family because Mr. Rogue was working overtime, so I figured I would schedule it this weekend thinking that he would be able to come. Yea there I go thinking again because then this weekend Mr. Rogue caught the flu that has been going around his work. He is running a temperature, and is sicker than a dog, so he is staying at home while I go celebrate without him.


Ms. Firecracker got some recommendations and our little group headed to a new sushi bar that I haven’t tried Sashi Sushi.


We took two and a half hours of lazy eating. The sushi was so super yummy, a little pricy but so good it was worth it for a special treat. Thank you so much Mrs. Firecracker for finding the restaurant, making the reservation, being the driver AND getting the table buttoned up.


I think my favorite part was the mini crème brulee desert sampler that we got at the end of the meal. Five tiny multiflavored cups of yumminess. So good I almost cried!


P.S. thank you all for coming out for my special day and the lovely gifts, I love each and everyone. Momma Faith the orchid you had Mrs. Fruit pick out for me is GORGEOUS!!!! It is now living on my desk, thank you so much!!



paul peggy zeus said...

It's like the birthday that keeps on giving. Great time with great friends, isn't that what life is really all about? Happy birthday again, and again forever and ever.

lilmansworld said...

Oh you have such a wonderful group of friends! Seriously what is your secret?

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