Sunday, October 9, 2011

BBBS 47: Yea it’s a Strike


What could be better than a quick impromptu bowling outing, how about a $11 dollar all you can bowl black light extravaganza!!!


We had such a great time two weeks ago bowling that Ms. Firecracker decided to get a group together. It was a invite anyone bring anyone event. My cousin Ms. Sweetie jumped on it, bowling is a total Michigan thing after all.


And since it was a “bring all” I decided to invite the girls. Ms. Little and her twin were ecstatic when I called to invite them. Only problem is that Ms. Little’s twin has a broken arm; her third broken arm in a single year. POOR KID. Not to worry though, she is a trouper and at least she is smart enough to keep breaking her left arm so she can at least do important things like write and go bowling.


Of course some of the finer things like tying your shoes requires both hands, but she had her sister there with her… always willing to offer a helping hand.


A whole slew of people showed up, many that the girls already new and then some fantastic new faces. See these cool LALA land girls can dirty it up and bowl… it isn’t always clubs and fine wine! And let me tell you we had so MUCH FUN. I was a little worried about keeping the PG13 talk and language of so many friends without kids around the girls, but everyone did reasonably well.


And the girls, they did awesome. Especially considering this was the first bowling without the bumpers. It started out a little rough but after a little work on their walk and their technique they were able to work it out. By the end of the second game they had both thrown a strike and a few spares. I was so proud of them, and the whole gang was giving them high fives. It was a blast!

Bowling of course isn’t all fun and games, there was teams and competition of course. Oh and the camera fun with the fish eye lens…. that caused more than a few shrieks and unstoppable giggles.


There was even some talk thrown around about joining a bowling league… oh yea baby I would totally love that!!! Sign me up.


paul peggy zeus said...

You guys all look like you had a BALL, (bowling ball, that is). I'm so happy Ms. Sweetie is stepping out, just like she told me she was going to do. Way to go!!!!

lilmansworld said...

Oh what a jolly good time! How does lilmiss keep breaking her arm?!!!!

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