Saturday, September 3, 2011

Territory War

I moved away from home to go to college when I was 19 with a tiny little U-hall truck of stuff. Six years and six apartments later I moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles with a fully loaded SUV. Moving so often from cramped apartment to cramped apartment and then across the United States it was easier to get rid of things then move them. I found myself purging superfluous things often.

So in this eight year time period where I was an apartment dweller of no fewer than 9 different spaces I learned to keep my stuff at a minimum. You know the tiny scrunched spaces, the non-existent closets; although I was a pack-rat at heart my ability to indulge my want to store everything wasn’t possible.

Then Mr. Rogue and I purchased our house. A house with a garage that has ton of built in shelves, a massive storage room and three bedrooms each with its own large closet. The inner pack-rat beast that lived dormant in my heart was let loose.

I filled that storage room with more than 9 bins of Christmas decorations, I hung onto every piece of clothing that I loved but didn’t fit into anymore and things that I ‘knew’ should go into a goodwill pile got placed away in a convenient corner just in case I needed it again. The space in this house coupled with the fact that for the first time in eight years I wasn’t moving every year allowed the stuff to multiply and inbreed to a point that now I am staring at a mountain of things that I cannot just live without.

Now that I am faced with moving again I am starting to sort through my overindulgent budging storage room and have had to make some pretty tough rules in order to survive.

1. I have to have used it in the past six months (unless it is seasonal like my skis).
2. Has such a strong emotional attachment that I cannot be satisfied with just a photo of it for memories.
3. It has to fit now, not in a few months when I lose that last 10 pounds I have been meaning to get off.

I am also doing a two tiered sorting system, as in I go through a pile, I take a break for a day or two and then I go through the pile again. Sneaky little things that should have never been saved get a second chance at getting axed this way. To say that this has been a very emotional experience would be a vast understatement. Thank goodness I am not pregnant... the wine every night is helping immensely!

So today I was in the storage room again lifting boxes and sorting through the mess while on the phone with my friend Ms. Pool Shark who was keeping me company in spirit if not actually helping me sort. I was having my usual issues of sorting and fighting the mountain of Black Widows.

Oh yea I didn’t mention the fact that my entire storage room is the perfect breeding ground for Black Widow mothers. Every item has to be moved carefully, checked to make sure it is clean of spiders and then I can begin sorting (all my items in the storage room are placed in sealed plastic bins for just this reason). So I am in this territory war, the black widows want to stay and I want them to leave. Since I am not a bug squasher I spent much time squealing and moving the spiders to the back alley. Yes it takes time and I have to be very careful but in this war I am not going to go spraying and killing things. By giving them a relocation package we are all happy.

Of course all is fine and good when I am battling spiders on the bins and on the ground. When the wasps entered into the fray and started dive bombing me I retreated and called it a day.


lilmansworld said...

ew ew ew ew ew spiders.

paul peggy zeus said...

spiders and wasps and bugs, oh my!

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