Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Sunday Skinny: Week 18

So the stress, the stress of closing on our house and getting the mountain of paperwork done, the stress of packing and hiring movers, the stress of taking on getting my real estate licence, the stress of hand bottle feeding kittens and the stress of life in general has created... well a lot of stress.

When I stress I don’t do as well on my exercising routines, I don’t eat as well and the fact that I have completely jumped head first off my band wagon into a bowl of ice cream and a glass of wine or three is the only way I am handling it. I of course can see what is happening, I can see my plan unravelling but the fight that I have to keep up to eat right and exercise, to basically take care of me is too hard when so many other things need my immediate attention. Since failing in life isn’t an option I default to failing on my diet and although i can see the cycle starting there is nothing I can do to stop it.

So I am giving myself a get out of jail card, I am taking this time to get my stress under control and I am trying to just not completely give up on eating right. Sure I will make more allowances for mistakes but I need to keep it together a little bit.

Please wish me luck!

Weight Gain Round 5: 210 pounds. 20 pounds gained when I lost the baby.

Weight Gain Round 4: 190 pounds. I lost weight for the wedding and then I gained it all back plus an additional 10 pounds. The wedding gave me a date to reach for but once that day passed all my plans fell apart and the bingeing started again. BLAST IT!!!

Weight Gain Round 3: 180 pounds. When my brother passed away I started bingeing regularly to cover my emotions and gained another 30 pounds.

Weight Gain Round 2: 150 pounds. I gained 15 pounds when I tackled that large project at work and worked all those long hours for a year.

Weight Gain Round 1: 135 pounds. I gained the inevitable ‘I’m in a comfy relationship’ 10 pounds after I started dating my husband.

Start weight when I moved to California 125.

GOAL WEIGHT = 135-150 pounds


lilmansworld said...

just a suggestion: eat nothing but hummus and veggies and your endurance will last longer and will feel full and light.....watermelon is also delicious and addicting

paul peggy zeus said...

I love you - Good Luck in all you are juggling right now. Give yourself a reprieve when it's so hectic. Here's a big cyber smile :-)

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