Sunday, September 11, 2011


This afternoon I was scrolling through Google Images remembering that fateful day ten years ago when the twin towers fell and the safety I felt in living in America was stripped away. By looking through the photos I was physically transported to that exact moment I heard the news.

I had woken up like any Tuesday morning, grudgingly getting out of bed to my alarm, showering and then flicking on the news as I got dressed. I never did get to work that day or even out of my robe. Instead I sat in the middle of my bed eyes glued to the news screen, a damp towel wrapped around my head wondering what in GODS NAME was going on!

I think all of us lost something that day. It was one of those moments where the worst and best of humanity, the violence and the bravery, the evilness and the heroism was displayed in its most polar opposites. All of us lost some of our innocence and I will remember this day forever, to tell my children and my grandchildren of the day the twin towers fell.

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lilmansworld said...

pretty incredible.....I cannot imagine ever flying on that day again!

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