Friday, September 23, 2011

Ms. Eden Birthday Celebrations

So Ms. Eden had a mini temper tantrum and although I normally ignore her temper tantrums, this one had a bit of truth to it. When I first meet a friend I come up with a nickname for the blog. Ms. Eden got her name from her dog, Eden, who she loves. I thought it was a great tie-in to my own nickname Rogue Woman. Three years later and I do agree with her, Ms. Eden is too calm for her, she is fierce. Therefore for her birthday I have decided to update her name, give her a new name that better suits her fiery nature. So you’re welcome Ms. Firecracker, you have a new name.

Since slowly emerging from the cave I hid myself in for the past few months I have been reaching out again to my friends, reconnecting and just having fun. Today was Ms. Firecracker’s birthday and I totally crashed her party. I simply asked her what she was doing for her actual birthday and when she replied that she was having dinner with her family, I just invited myself right over. Not really something you do every day but I wouldn’t do that with very many people, besides Ms. Firecracker loves me despite the fact.

So I showed up at her house at 3:30 and Ms. Firecracker is on the phone dealing with a work emergency. So I get out of the car and wonder what to do with the flowers I brought. I can’t really leave them in the car, its hot out and they may melt, and I don’t really want to give them to her while she is on the phone and frustrated with her bosses travel arrangement debacle, so as a compromise I simply scooted them out of my car and set them on the driveway right behind Ms. Firecracker’s car. She was sitting in her driver’s seat and I thought it was a good place to hide them as well as letting me have easy access to them to give her once she got off the phone.

So she is putting out fires and I am just sitting in the shade, because I am a shade kinda girl, and hanging out content to wait. Then I start listening to the conversation, yes ease dropping again. OMG I could so not do her job. Here she is on the phone with the travel agent who is an idiot while she is trying to email her boss the options all while trying to coordinate cars and planes to get all the people there at the right time. Twenty minutes later she is still handling the chaos with ease and I am amazed she isn’t cussing someone out by now. But that is when the problem arises. You see it was hot out, and she realized suddenly that she has to rescue her cupcake from the car. Except she dashes immediately for the back of the car before I have a millisecond to stop her; because Ms. Firecracker she only does things 110% she literally RUNS to the back of the car and almost takes out the flowers. Don’t worry, the flowers survived, she was happy with them, and we are miming all of this while she is still effortlessly dealing with the idiots on the phone.


Cupcake rescued from melting to death, flowers saved from crashing to the cement and work crisis bandaged up we finally entered Ms. Firecracker’s parent’s house. The girls took a trip to the local Whole Foods where everyone got to select their meals. I had never done the precooked food there, but you could choose meat or fish and then they had a million things in the cold food bars. Everyone is on a diet in the family as well as me, so being able to select exactly what you wanted while trying to keep within your own food plan was great. I was a happy girl to find a bunch of healthy yummy stuff at the cold bar but then the diet got sabotaged when I spotted a free tasting of the most fantastic truffle brie... YUMMMMMM! I couldn’t help but buy some because it was seriously amazing to the point where I wanted to just stay at whole foods and finish all the cheese on the cheese stand. I contained myself, with an incredible amount of difficulty, but I couldn’t wait to get home.


After dinner, where I gorged myself on too much delicious brie, we took out desert. One delicious looking red velvet cupcake with an adorable little star candle and then we all sang happy birthday.


Then this is where things got a little messed up, because we split that cupcake four ways; as in one cupcake, divided in FOUR. We each got our little slice, which was just the perfect amount to get a little taste of cake and SO GREAT for the diet in theory. My little sweet tooth cried and then died a slow agonizing death.


After desert we were getting ready to go when Ms. Firecracker got super excited to show me her oh so girly bowling socks. I often give her a hard time because the girl only knows one color... black. So when she pulled out adorable little white socks with lace edges I almost passed out. What... WHITE, and is that lace!!!!! Of course then I had to tease her about something else, because those socks looked like they would fit a three year old. They were so tiny. Of course MAMA took a power stance and defended her daughter... her socks were just as small. I had to give up at that and just laugh!


Bowling was fantastically fun. It isn’t often that I get to go bowling, and I am not as good as I used to be, but I adored that Ms. Firecracker’s whole family is a bunch of SMACK talkers with egos almost as big as mine. First Dad was yammering on and on about how he was going to stomp me, which resulted in a bet for $50 bucks. Then sister started going on and on about how we were ALL GOING DOWN! And even grandma jumped in. I was feeling pretty confident until mom and dad took out their bowling balls, as in they were brining the bowling balls they owned.... that was the point where I got a little worried.


I opened the scoreboard up by bowling a strike. Oh yea, EAT IT FOLKS. In the end I didn’t end up winning, Uncle did, but at least I beat dad, sister AND grandma. That will teach em to smack talk me. And no I didn’t end up taking dad’s money. As long as he knows I am the winner that is good enough for me!

I had such a great time with Ms. Firecracker and her family. Since I don’t have a family in LALA land I really love borrowing my friends families, just to be there with the mama and the grandma having dinner and laughing makes me feel less alone. Ms. Firecracker is such a special person in my life, I really adore her, and well her family are like sprinkles on an already incredible cake. Just an added reason to smile! Happy 35 Birthday sweetie.



Jess said...

Wish I could have made it to join in the love. Lovely flower choice :) Reminded me a little of the bouquet I carried for your wedding! ;) Cupcake looked delicious it's supposed to be about the little things right? xoxo Glad Ms. Firecracker had such a fabulous time with friends and family surrounding her with love!

paul peggy zeus said...

I never heard of anyone splitting a cupcake four ways. Sounds like a good idea to just have a taste without adding many calories to the picture.. AND a strike on the first frame, I mean, WOW!

P.S. You can't keep changing names on me, it's hard enough to follow Baby Fruit to Bambi and now this! lol. I do try to keep up with the program.

lilmansworld said...

#1 I have a new obsession for red velvet anything #2 never ate at whole foods. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGEEEE

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