Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Oh this weekend, I wish I could say it was a labor of love, but the reality is that it was a weekend of getting *&%# done!

Every single day I studied until my brain hurt, fed the kittens, then I packed until my body hurt, fed the kittens and then I started to study again. The cycle continued all weekend long and I seriously would have gone crazy except for friends who both came over for a few hours to break up the monotony.

Ms. Sweetie came over Saturday for a few hours of packing and then came over again on Sunday for a few hours of making pillows. That’s right I said pillows, as in pillows that I completely forgot about that I found while cleaning the stuff up from under the bed. Pillows that I promised to make for my neighbour Mrs. Rambo over a year ago. Needless to say they were pillows that my sometimers brain could no longer ignore, the mountain of stuff would just have to wait. Ms. Sweetie was a fantastic help and was a super great assistant. We managed to make six pillows in a little under three hours and then I took her out to dinner.

Mrs. Rambo is out of town this weekend, I am in charge of feeding her cat and since I was going over there anyways I simply placed the pillows in her family room on the couches. I cannot wait until she gets home and sees them.


So this weekend I produced pillows, over 40 boxes were packed and massive amounts of studying was accomplished. It really was a Labor Weekend here at Casa de Rogue and although I am tired I am really happy at how much work I managed to get done!


Kim said...

That's quite the productive weekend! I managed a couple loads of laundry . . . and watched movies.

Jess said...

boxes and baby kittens...good times ;0)

lilmansworld said...

way to be a busy bee :) I also labored on labor day! Maybe next labor day you will be in labor! How fab?!

paul peggy zeus said...

WHERE are the pillows?? I want to see the pillows!! :)

lilmansworld said...

ok nix the picnic basket, I need some pillows. Plz and thanks :)

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