Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It’s not a Tumor

So not only do I have two adorable baby kittens to give meds too, feed and take care of (they are doing fantastic by the way)... I also have my own 18 year old very sick cat, Seurat, who does not seem to be getting better. It started over a week ago when I took him to the vet for his hurt eye. I left with gel that had to be put on his eye four times a day. My cat is old, he does not take medication well, to say that the past 13 days has been hellish would be an understatement. But I managed to get his meds in his eye, even if it took over a half hour to find his hiding spot, drag him out and pin him down to do it.

But 13 days later and the eye looked worse to me. I didn’t want to chance waiting so I ditched the long list of things that I needed to get done today and took him back to my vet. After an hour of poking and prodding and florescent green washes my doctor deemed that the eye didn’t look better and they would prefer because of his age that I go to a specialist. Fantastic!


Kitties and doggies have eye specialist too and thankfully this specialist was not only down the street from my house but they also were able to fit me in that day. I shoved my grumbly kitty back in his crate and dragged him to yet another doctor. Oh how I felt his good eye smite me!

The specialist was super nice. She did the florescent eye thing to Seurat again and a few other tests. When Seurat got too awnery they wrapped him in a blanket... awww my little burrito cat, if I hadn’t been so worried I would have taken a photo of how adorable you looked.

Once the doctor finished her tests we returned Seurat to his crate so she could explain, on a whiteboard... it was awesome! She was able to show me the defect in Seurat’s eye, a large concave wound probably caused initially by a scratch or just plain old stress. They she showed me that the cats natural immune system was trying to fix the defect, but that because of his age, it was just healing very slowly. The circle red is the wound and the line red is his immune system trying to fix it. Basically there is a small part that is still uncovered by the good stuff and that is what she wants to watch.


When I left the office I was given two different medicines. A pain killer for the poor kitties discomfort and another stronger drop medication to help prevent infection. Both of these medications have to be given four times a day... ARRRRGGGGG! I have a follow-up this Friday and I hope to get good news, that my little old man is going to be fine.


paul peggy zeus said...

Pour Seraut - Get well soon! Glad the babies are doing so well.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Poor kitty kat! I hope he feels like himself soon.

lilmansworld said...

did the dr think it weird that you snapped a photo of his drawing? its not a tumor, its a rumaaaaaaa

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