Friday, September 16, 2011

It’s a Choice

I occasionally have to remind myself not to complain. I hate complaining, I hate focusing on things I don’t like about my life instead of being happy with the things that I do have and I hate making a conscious choice about something and then acting like that choice isn’t what I decided on. Let’s face it; in the grand scheme of things, no one really gets everything the ever wanted.

Mr. Rogue and I have made some choices that force him to work long terrible hours while I take care of everything at home. Neither of us thinks that the situation is optimal. Of course I would rather we both work a normal 8-5 day and have dinner together every night at the same time. Our reality however is that my husband will end up working these crazy insane hours and I will end up feeling alone. At times I cannot help but get frustrated, where I really just want to kick and scream... when his work causes our vacation to get cancelled or I am left with a full cooked meal without a husband to help me eat it.

In those moments where I think life is so unfair I remember that the way we are living our life is our choice. Sure we could change our situation, we could move to a less expensive city, we could both work regular jobs, we could take less trips and push back our hoped for retirement date but we decided a different course. A course that we hope will get us to a place we will be very happy with.

Sure getting there is hard work, but we are a team, we make choices and we have to live with those consequences. And when things get tough we remember the plan and also remember that we can always choose a different path if this one gets too rough. Sometimes just knowing that we ‘could’ change if we wanted is all I need to get through another day.

Because I don’t believe in getting everything you want, nor happily ever afters’.

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lilmansworld said...

grass is always greener :) There are always going to be things we long for, but in 10+ years it will all be menial mumbo jumbo. Living in the now is what works for me

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