Monday, September 12, 2011

I got a Gold Star

I went to bed early last night, I slept in this morning, I ate a good breakfast and I lightly rescanned some of my Real Estate Principle notes. Today was exam day and I was nervous.

In order to qualify to take the Real Estate Licence Exam I have to pass three college courses. Since I have a tight deadline to get my licence before the end of the year I opted to take the three courses at home which allows me to accelerate the courses. That simply means that I have to read the book do the homework and study all on my own. I admit is difficult much more difficult than I originally thought to motivate myself. Without a class or homework that I am forced to do day by day I have to do it all alone. Weeding through that book, this is terribly written, instead of doing what I want to do sucks.

Although taking the test today means that I am a little behind my pre arranged schedule, which is annoying, in the end I was happy to finally be ready for the first test. And I became even happier when I passed the test therefore passing the class.

One down three more to go. If all goes well I will have my licence in two months!


lilmansworld said...

you get more than a gold star!

Inzodda said...

"I think I can, I think I can", much like the Little Engine That Could, so can you. Your hard work and optimism will pay off. Keep up the great work! I know how it can be hard to self motivate with so much else going on.

Lastly, http://youtu.be/_rAHnwWfsaY

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