Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Like a Storage Unit

My current home is becoming less of a home and more like a college dorm room or a storage unit.


Most of our superfluous things are packed already. Things like my china, picture frames, knick knacks and our wine glasses. To better keep me organized and so I don’t go crazy I have devised a system to packing. Mr. Rogue’s work is on meltdown and with all his overtime he has no time to help pack a single box. With everything left to me I figured if I did at least 5 boxes a day then I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed at the end of the month. With 13 days into escrow and with only 18 days left I have been able to do a significant amount of packing out of the way.


Of course it is always helpful when I can con friends to come over and pack with me. Both Ms. Sweetie and Mrs. Dancer have volunteered time to pack, the work goes much faster with an extra set of hands and someone to gossip with to pass the time. At this rate, if I can keep it up, I will be in excellent shape when it comes to moving day.

Now let’s just pray nothing goes wrong with the escrow and we get our keys on time. Otherwise I am going to have to continue living in a house full of boxes.


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lilmansworld said...

Moving sucks. period. Hate to say it, but unpacking is worse :(

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