Friday, September 9, 2011

Groundhog’s Day

Today I was super booked, slammed in fact with a completely full schedule. With a second appointment for Seurat booked, my therapy appointment and then right afterward a three hour meeting with my real estate agent the only “free” time I had was before Seurat’s 11:00am veterinary appointment. I am a night owl by nature, I would much prefer to stay up until two or three in the morning then go to bed early and then get up early. My wake up time is generally 10:00. But this morning I had to wake up early. You see today was Mrs. Rambo’s birthday and I really really really wanted to get together with her. Since she wakes up before the sun rises because of Baby Rambo I knew she would be up at the late hour of 7:00am. So I woke up early and took her out to breakfast.

Or at least I tried to take her out to breakfast. We headed out with baby in tow to our favorite breakfast joint a good fifteen minute drive away. Roxy’s is a fantastic 60’s diner with awesome home cooked meals and we were super excited... that is until we pulled into the parking lot. At first we thought that they were simply not open yet, it was after all only 7:30 in the morning. But when we pulled up to the front door we saw that the windows were boarded up and the tables were no longer outside. DAMNATION my favorite neighbourhood breakfast place has closed down. Thank goodness I am moving or I would have been HORRIBLY disappointed.

With our stomachs rumbling and our hearts a little sad for poor Roxy’s, Mrs. Rambo suggested a good diner only a short distance away. But when we pulled up to the door I couldn’t believe that we were thwarted YET AGAIN. This time the closed restaurant had tape running across the door. We are not sure if they are closed forever like Roxy’s or just temporarily closed for construction. In either case a closed restaurant was a closed restaurant and we were starving.


With little options left that are close we had to settle for Denny’s, a much more subpar option but we were nearing the end of our rope. Despite our little Ground Hog’s Day debacle we had a fantastic time joking around, fixing squeaking seatbelts and just having fun.

Mrs. Rambo insists I may be even more fun before the sun comes up... I argue that since I only got four and a half hours of sleep that I was disoriented. Happy Birthday Mrs. Rambo, love you!


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lilmansworld said...

isn't Denny's tagline "celebration of food"? regardless that that is where you ended up, at least it was quality time of giggles and being awake in the am!

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