Thursday, September 1, 2011


To say that I have a ton to do right now would be a vast understatement. Currently I am finalizing our investment portfolio with our new chosen broker, I am finishing up our Estate planning documentation, I am working on getting my real estate licence and we are trying to move (aka, paperwork, packing and tons of preparation) – OH YEA and don’t forget those lovely kittens that are super high maintenance but are oh so adorable. Don’t ask me why all of this needs to be done now, it just does, and needs to be all finalized by the end of the year according to our CPA... sigh. Thankfully I don’t work, because trying to accomplish the mountain of tasks I have on my plate and working would be impossible. Just today Mr. Rogue was joking about my new full time job, yea he isn’t kidding. With all this drama I have had to create a pretty rigid schedule to get everything done which is my round about excuse about why I have been spurt blogging lately. Sure I am still posting a blog for everyday but I am forcing myself to get the things I have to get done first before I attempt to do the things I want to do. Needless to say ‘the have to do things’ have been sucking up all of my free time. So please excuse the erratic blogging for the next few weeks. Until I get some of this stuff out of my way my blog will sadly have to take second place to my work. Smooches, Rogue Woman

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