Monday, September 19, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

OOOOHHH how I love shoes and as a reward for passing my first of four Real Estate Tests I decided to go buy a pair. Who am I kidding, I will use any excuse to buy a new pair of shoes because I ADORE shoes. So I swung by the mall and tried on every single pair in the whole place that tickled my fancy. This is so much more fun with a sidekick aka Mrs. Pool Shark or Mrs. Dancer or better yet BOTH of you! However I know that shopping with a sidekick usually ups the ante and I end up with double or triple or quadruple of what I originally needed. So I am at the mall and I tried on all the shoes I loved with the intention of only buying one pair.

As I am trying on shoes I cannot help but randomly listen to the conversation next to me. I wasn’t ease dropping exactly it was more like I couldn’t help but overhear. I was after all just sitting there waiting for the guy to bring my mountain of shoes I wanted to try on. So it was a mother and daughter next to me. The daughter was throwing a conniption fit. The mother was kneeling at her feet helping her try on two pairs of shoes, one pair was too tight and the other pair much too loose. The daughter was so mad and taking it out on her poor mother, the mother was trying to pacify her daughter saying not to worry they would find the perfect pair of shoes, in fact she could now get two pair just to end her misery. The girl was slightly mollified in a bitchy condescending way and she stomped off leaving mom to clean up the mess of boxes for the sales person. What shocked me most, the daughter was at least 25!

I just shook my head, although I would have loved to say something to the mother about growing a backbone or to the daughter about her whining and complaining I just let it go, nothing would have come of it anyways.

I turned back to my mountain trying on delicious pairs of new shoes after pairs. I of course ended up falling in love with two different pairs. One pair was a soft off white pair of heels by Calvin Klien with a subtle fo-snakeskin texture. They were adorable, comfy AND could go with anything. The other pair of heels however were a bold leopard print with vibrant red accents. They were also gorgeous, comfy but oh so not practical. In the end I was walking around the store with a white heel on one foot and a leopard heel on the other. I just couldn’t decide so I had to get them both. I guess that means I don’t really need a sidekick to walk out of the mall with double what I went in for.



P.S. And then when walking out of the mall I spotted belts that could ‘possibly’ match the new shoes in the Ann Taylor Loft display window. They ended up matching perfectly. Ahhh I love it when everything works out!



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