Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBBS 46: My Lovely Lady Guns

I met my little for the first time Sept 27, 2008... almost three years ago. WOW three years, 46 outings and a whole lot of fun. Becoming a big sister has been on my Rogue Life List forever and although the actuality of being a big sister hasn’t always been fairy dust and roses I am SO GLAD that I not only followed through with joining but that I have kept the relationship with my little strong.

Often when I take out my little her twin sister joins us, and then sometimes when the event could use a sidekick I invite one of my friends to come along as well. Today was one of those times a sidekick was necessary, we were going kayaking and another adult to row these kids around was imperative. Mrs. Rambo was free today and super excited to join us and we had a blast. Of course there were a few practical jokes we had to play on Mrs. Rambo to initiate her; like relocating the car in the Taco Bell parking lot while she popped into the bathroom. She walked out of the building looking for the car where we had parked all confused for we had moved the car just a little out of her immediate sight. We wicked little kids in the car laughed so hard I cried.

Finding the Kayak rental place in Long Beach resulted in a little off the beaten path adventure where we got lost, or took a wrong turn, or missed our exit a few times. In the end we made it there in once piece. Live preservers were strapped on, paddles were held awkwardly in our hands as we selected our double seater kayaks. The water was cold but the day was gloriously Southern California perfect. We launched off and started paddling through the canals.


Our first stop was to take a peak at the Moon Jellyfish. We were in luck this trip, sometimes they are not out. There were about thirty concentrated in their usual spot and although some were more tentative than others to pet the jellyfish, you are a pansy Mrs. Rambo... how can you be a pansy and still live up to your nickname RAMBO!!!! The jellyfish don't bite. In fact by only touching the top of the jellyfish gently with your fingertips you don’t hurt the jellies and as long as you ONLY TOUCH THE TOP then they won’t sting you. The tops feel like wet hard boiled eggs, a little softer than rubber. The girls had a blast and it was a great opportunity to talk about how you need to be gentle with these beautiful creatures.


Doing things outdoors is a great way to have fun but also instill a little learning in the girls. Fun things like bridges and pylons and even little things like tides and water levels, all shows the girls another interesting side of life. For instance look at the water marks on the pylons below, that water sure got really got high at one point. By pointing interesting things out in their world I am hoping to teach them to be more observant, to ask more questions, to be more curious, and anything I don’t know we look up on the smart phone when we get back to the car!


Of course we had to swing by the bird estuary where I got to put my bird knowledge to good use. There were quite a few birds out and both girls were super curious about them.

I am shameless I am not afraid to admit but these girls are adorable and well I love taking photos. Since their mother does not own a camera they at first were uncomfortable getting their photo taken. Then I learned the power of BRIBERY!!!! Yes I, a big sister and a mentor in this program, bribe my little and her sister to smile for the camera. No smiles than NO ICE CREAM. AHHH feel the power. Now they are CHAMPS and take their photos, adorable smiles in place. This kid she is just too STINKING CUTE. (ok that was too much caps in that paragraph I am going to run out of my quota by the end of this post.. the agony!!!).


We all know the famous saying “What goes up, must come down” but I would like to dub this post “What goes out, must come back”. Kayaking out to see the jellies and then deciding to go a bit further to see the bird sanctuary seemed like a good idea when we were paddling out, however when it came time to paddle back to the dock, against the current, with two thirteen year old girls... well that part wasn’t as fun. Needless to say the adults in the boat were doing most of the work. I even tried at one point to bribe a guy to lend me his motor so I could get back a little easier. Manual labor is so not my thing! By the time we got back to the beach our arms felt like they were falling off, but I am proud we made it back and I am going to officially refer to my arms now as my lovely lady guns!


So we were tired, we were hot and we were ready for our dang reward. Reward in the form of delicious Coldstone Ice Cream... YES PLEASE. Of course chocolate chip and Carmel cookie dough ice cream in the 'Love it' size isn’t exactly on the diet list of approved foods but I figured after an hour and forty five minutes of our kayaking workout that I deserved a little treat!


Besides the girls smiled so nicely for the camera, and I did bribe them, they were expecting ice cream. I couldn’t disappoint their adorableness so I just had to sacrifice.


And believe me it was quite a sacrifice to, you know, stuff my face with yummy ice cream.



lilmansworld said...

rowing your calories away :)

Inzodda said...

Your making memories for these beautiful children that will last a lifetime. I like to think I encouraged you to join this organization considering I belonged to it when we lived together in Pittsburgh. I am proud of all you have accomplished in your relationship thus far with her, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings for you two. I am also reminded of when we did this kayaking together, and the beautiful jellyfish, the beautiful homes along the water, the beautiful weather, and the beautiful memories we made. So this post made me very happy. Thanks for sharing as always.

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