Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Brain: Baby Training Wheels


The darling kittens that I rescued have been here for exactly one week. In that week I have woken up every four hours to feed the kittens. I think out of everything that is the hardest part, the sleep deprivation. I know people with children are giving me an eyeroll but it is like a little mini version of having a child. The fact that I need to get up, really wake up, heat up a bottle, feed each kitten, clean them up, warm up their rice pack and then return to bed, and then lie there awake to try and fall asleep again before I need to get back up and do it all over again... IT IS EXAUSTING. And then the planning of my day, to be back home for feedings and having to reschedule my day around them takes a bit getting used to too.

Then there is the massive amounts of mess these guys create along with the gigantic pile of laundry. Again a little mini window into what my world will be like when I eventually have a child.


And then there is the supplies. The baby powder, the kitten food, the medicines and wipes. I am in little kitten heaven over here.


Of course the amount of stop by guests I have been getting the past week has doubled. With little tiny baby kittens to hug and hold friends are coming by often. I love the help and everyone loves to feed one of the babies their next meal.


On the up side these babies are getting so much bigger and healthier. In one week they have gone from tiny and thin to fat and almost double their weight. About the size of a coffee cup I am so proud that these guys now look like they are going to make it.



lilmansworld said...

you should create a signup sheet for your friends for a feeding schedule. while the kittens eat you nap lol its how us parents do it!

paul peggy zeus said...

Okay, I'm in love with the T-cup baby. I'd ask you to send him my way, but then I'd have to face your father. lol.

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