Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby Bambi Turns 3

I have been writing this post for DAYS AND DAYS but just couldn’t get it finished. Mostly because this post is so long but also because life is getting in the way of doing what I want to do, like sleeping and writing my blog. The Real Estate tests, the kittens, my sick cat, my lack of husband, family in town and the house stuff is literally consuming every waking moment. Thanks for your patience. There are so many exciting things that I cannot wait to share with you. I will catch up on the blog soon I promise.

It all started weeks ago, the planning phases of a large birthday party for Baby Bambi/house warming party, that I was helping Mrs. Fruit throw. In fact I was only mildly helping, Mrs. Fruit has been in the United States two years now. Before I could even lift a finger she had the cake ordered, the tables and chairs selected, the bouncy castle and entertainer scheduled and the catered meal ready to deliver. I always thought she was strong and courageous for coming to a new country far away from all her family and friends. In fact she didn’t really know anyone in the United States other than her new husband and Mr. Rogue and I. She is so American now and I totally LOVE having a sister close by!


Mr. Rogue’s mom and dad flew in from North Carolina and then his Aunt and Uncle took the train in from Nebraska. Then there were the millions friends and extended family Mrs. Fruit has found or befriended that came into town. That equals one big party.


I woke up early and picked up some food and cake from Ralphs, a few odd ends that were needed and then I was off to the Fruits house to help set up. The party was a tinker bell theme so we put up decorations and streamers and balloons all over. Let me tell you, the Philippino’s or I should say Mrs. Fruit, sure knows how to throw a party. More than 60 people came to celebrate.


Even Baby Bambi was part of the theme with her adorable little tinker bell costume. She is getting to be a total ham in front of the camera. I could not get a straight smile out of her the entire day. Out of hundreds of photos there wasn’t a single straight smile instead there were dozens and dozens of funny faces. Regardless of her funny faces it is still adorableness in a cute little three year old package for sure.


Philippine culture believes in blessing a new home. So we started off with a priest and some candles. Each of the family members would carry their candle through the house while the priest blessed the individual rooms and spoke about the need for God in your home and your life.


Afterward he blessed the birthday girl and it was the official start of the party.


Once the blessing was over the party began. And we started with the enormous spread of food. Including my favorite (insert sarcasam here) a full pig. No matter how I try and look at it I cannot eat that meat. Now don’t get me wrong I love to eat meat, and deep down I know it comes from animals but there is something about a face on my dinner that I just cannot get over. I totally pigged out on all the fixings though and they were FANTASTIC!!!


After lunch we all gathered around the tinker bell cupcakes and the tinker bell cake and sang happy birthday to Baby Bambi. She was super excited about that candle and us all singing to her and she blew out that candle like a first rate candle blower outer champ!



After cake came the games. Tinker bell visited for some fun and face painting and then the pull string piñata was tapped into. Those kids dove for that candy and it was HILARIOUS to stand there and watch them try and fit as many pieces into their little hands as possible.




After everyone left the family each gave Ms. Bambi her gifts to open. After hours with Mrs. Rambo at Toys R’ Us, and agonizing over what to get in the end I decided on a baby and a stroller. You see Baby Bambi’s mom is pregnant with her second child and I thought this would be a good way for Baby Bambi to take care of her own baby while mommy takes care of the new infant coming soon. Baby Bambi was super excited about the gift and immediately started strolling her little baby around the house.


My husband actually crawled out the of his million hour a week job to spend some time with the family; which basically means that I got to spend some time with him, outside, during the day and he wasn’t distracted by work. He was super tired but happy to be there.


All in all it has been an exhausting couple of days. The birthday however was a total success and Baby Bambi was super excited, super overwhelmed and super cute. I guess I have to stop calling her a baby because she is now three...


I still cannot wrap my head around how the time has gotten away with me. I mean I know they say time flies when you are around kids but Oh My Goodness time has FLOWN. Wasn’t it just yesterday she we were celebrating her one year birthday... I’m getting old for sure.



Inzodda said...

Oooo, what a magical day for such a sweet looking little girl. I am happy you were able to spend some time with your man, and his family. I loved the pics, felt like I was there. :)

lilmansworld said...

what a fantastic 3 year old party! I LOL about 'pigging' out on everything else but the pig :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Wow, Way to throw a birthday party, Ms Fruit! Bambi is getting bigger but is so darn cute.

Cheryl said...

weeeee... reminiscing this one again! wasnt it fun! how i love the pics here! especially how you incorporate the one year old bday party she last had wow time flies so fast!!!

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