Friday, August 26, 2011

Trash Babies

This morning I woke up to a call from my old investment firm. He was clearing up some files and wanted to be sure that I had copies of some paperwork before they were archived. Being as he was my ‘old’ investment man I hadn’t talked to him in a while. So we chatted for a few minutes before he slipped in and asked how the baby was doing. Where we then had to have an awkward conversation about how I miscarried. I managed to get through the phone call and hang up before I burst into tears. It wasn’t a good way to start the day.

I rushed out the door in a fluster, running late already for my therapy appointment and trying to juggle a few important phone calls. I limped through therapy, still a bit upset from this morning, and remember driving home thinking ‘I just want a baby in my life’. I never knew God would answer my prayers so oddly.

I had plans to have tea with my friend, a neighbour. The fact that she is 70 years old does not deter me from calling her friend. With my family so far away I think it is only natural for me to gravitate toward a grandmother/mother figure, and besides I love old people. So I walk in her door and find the two most adorable baby 2.5 week old kittens. Her daughter had rescued them from the trash where the box they were huddled in was crushed by large machine. Thankfully they were in the one corner of the box that was not crushed and the attendant got out and investigated otherwise who knows where these babies would be now. They took them home, cleaned them up and now they were bottle feeding them. Not being cat people they didn’t really want them so I offered to take them in. NOT to keep, just to snuggle and feed for the next few weeks until they can eat food and I can find them good homes. At least that is what I promised Mr. Rogue.


Since they were so tiny, they are no bigger than the palm of my hand, and because I wanted to be sure there wasn’t any major problems, I took them to the vet. My neighbour’s daughter came along and I was thankful she did, there were a ton of questions we had to answer. Both kittens got checked over and de-wormed. Everyone in the office made sure they swung by our room to take a peek at the sweet little angels. No one can resist a baby!


The brown tabby is healthy as can be for being abandoned so young, the white kitten isn’t as luck. She has an upper repertory infection and an infection in her eye. Poor little snow white baby. The doctor gave us medications for our sick white kitten and we were off.


The kittens have to be bottle fed every four hours, on top of that we have to keep them warm because they are too young to regulate their body temperature and then there is the white kittens antibiotics to administer for the repertory infection as well as eye gel for the infected eye. Bottom line I am going to be one busy girl for the next few weeks. Thankfully my neighbor’s daughter has offered to help, in fact she is excited too, and so on the days I have to be away from the house she will pick up their feeding/keeping warm/administering medicine and love routine.


Just to be clear God this really wasn’t what I was wishing for when I prayed this morning, but I guess you know best.

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Inzodda said...

I was waiting for what felt like EVER to see these adorable kittens. They are super, super adorable!!

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