Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Sunday Skinny: Week 17

I would like to state for the record that two weeks ago I was in denial. As in I knew I had eaten badly, not exercised enough and basically stuck up my middle finger at my diet. I think because of that denial and my failure to face my failure (hence why I am still in therapy) I let the evil mojo continue into last week. Which is why when I got on the scale today for the first time in two weeks I burst into tears. My last weigh in Week 15 was 178.5. I was so proud, I was able to cross off another round of weight gain on my chart (see below) and then once I reached that goal I screwed up.

But as Gandhi said:
“You must be the change. You want to see.”

I could go into a million excuses. The stress of life, the pressure of making the right financial decisions, the studying for the Real Estate Exam but in the end this is life. I cannot simply stop life in order to tackle my little weight loss problem. I have to instead devise a way to incorporate the change I want to see into my everyday life. That transition is what I am having a hard time doing.

I know what I have to do, I know what makes my body happy, I know what works I just have to work on how I manage stress and somehow fix my inability to reach for a cupcake when I am stressed, or sad.

So where does that leave me... it leaves me rallying up the troops, dusting myself off and working harder at keeping my priorities in order.

Weight Gain Round 5: 210 pounds. 20 pounds gained when I lost the baby.

Weight Gain Round 4: 190 pounds. I lost weight for the wedding and then I gained it all back plus an additional 10 pounds. The wedding gave me a date to reach for but once that day passed all my plans fell apart and the bingeing started again. BLAST IT!!!

Weight Gain Round 3: 180 pounds. When my brother passed away I started bingeing regularly to cover my emotions and gained another 30 pounds.

Weight Gain Round 2: 150 pounds. I gained 15 pounds when I tackled that large project at work and worked all those long hours for a year.

Weight Gain Round 1: 135 pounds. I gained the inevitable ‘I’m in a comfy relationship’ 10 pounds after I started dating my husband.

Start weight when I moved to California 125.

GOAL WEIGHT = 135-150 pounds

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Jess said...

Just think of all the calories you are going to burn hauling and packing boxes! I'm proud that you are still charging through and not letting the small setbacks deter you from that final goal :) Of course.... that's just the epitome of being you though! xoxox

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