Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Panama City Florida: Sugar Sand Beaches

Did you know that Panama City Florida’s 27 mile stretch of beaches were numbered one of the best beaches in the world... neither did I until I found out that this is where we were going to go for our family vacation and I did a bit of research. And boy oh boy I was so not disappointed.


Miles and miles and what seems to be endless miles of the most perfect sugar sand beaches. The sand is soft and feather light, so fine that it literally dusts your skin with a million specks of powder... perfect to walk in, if you are not Quasimoto and sporting a bum toe like me, and if you are not trying to keep it out of the house, off your clothes and out of all your niggly bits.


Although it is so gorgeous here I was super happy to find that our little house on the gulf was removed from the main throughfare. And when I say thoughfare I am being kind, I was expecting something more along the lines of the congestion of Miami or Orlando but I couldn’t believe the few people that were out and about. Being a little off the beaten path we had to drive an extra five minutes to get into town but I much rather have very few people to get in the way of our view from the deck. Which by the way was GORGEOUS!


Of course anytime I mentioned going to Panama City people got really excited... they were thinking of Panama City Panama, just like I did when it was first mentioned. I started saying that we were going to Florida first then waited for the inevitable question from the person where in Florida. Don’t worry I will get to Panama sometime in my life, just not in the cards this trip.


Because of all the bursts of weather that the gulf gets this time of year and because the forcast called for a bit of rain and thunderstorms every single day we had excellent clouds. Before you beat me for talking about clouds again, which I really cannot help so it would be unkind to beat me, you have to understand that for me and Mr. Rogue, the right clouds, the sun setting and the beach is a perfect combination for prime photography.


The thing is that sunset photography offers a chance to take the most beautiful photos, and you never get tired from taking beautiful shots. The sun drops down quicker than you think, there are only really fifteen minutes from when the sun is ok to where it is perfect. Too high and the colors don’t come out to play, too low and you are looking at not enough light to shoot.


Sunsets also often confuse the camera setting we rely on to help get a good photo so it makes taking photos correctly difficult, and you all know how I LOVE ME something difficult to do. Challenging and fun sunset photography is one of our favorite fickle subjects and Panama City “Florida” so did not disappoint us.


Sadly we decided to come to Panama City when there were record breaking temperatures across the nation, who am I kidding, I knew we were going in July and that July was Florida’s hottest month but you guys I HAD NO IDEA it would be this hot. Yes, if it is going to be that hot, then I suppose the perfect place to be would be at the water with floats, inner tubes and large glasses of Creamsicle’s at the ready but in the end I was HAPPY when that sun went down and the temperature dropped from molten lava to a mere boiling water.


One of the most important Ecology of a beach is the salt tolerant native plants that have super deep root systems like the protected sea oat. The State Laws protect the destruction, picking or molesting these precious plants because of their unique ability to minimize beach erosion.


This hearty grass therefore is more than just pretty scenery it plays a very important role in keeping the beach where it is. The seed heads are oat-like tassels that at this time of the year were faded to a tan.


It also houses a wealth of insects, lizards and animals. It gives them shade in the heat of the worst of the day and also provides a place for birds to feed. The fact that this little system was right outside our back door, where we could sit and watch was like having a live version of animal planet playing right in front of us.


Sea Oats and sunsets I heart you. Panama City ROCKS!



lilmansworld said...

and we moved because? gorgeous photos!

paul peggy zeus said...

The beaches of the panhandle of Florida ARE among the best beaches in America!! LOVE that white sugar sand, the endless miles to walk the beach and the sunsets are always a bonus!!

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