Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Panama City Florida: I Do

Along with the joy of seeing our family I was excited to find out there was a surprise. Mrs. Painter told us that there was something that her 19 year old daughter Ms. Pixie wanted to show us. I was thinking tattoo or some piercing... imagine my surprise to be shown a pretty piece of jewellery on an the all important finger.


Ahhhh young love. This was my first time meeting what I thought was the boyfriend, now soon to be part of the family, and I was pleasantly surprised. He is funny, super smart, and has a razor sharp humor that keeps you laughing hard. So I would like to introduce you to Mr. Magic, Ms. Pixie’s fiancĂ©e.


And Ms. Pixie she is OVER THE MOON in love... I mean look at her smile above, this girl is happy. And when I say happy I mean a 'Julie Andrews singing on top of a mountain like a mental patient' kind of happy. By the way she is also spoiled... which is how it should be, this man is a gem!


I am so happy for my not so little niece, a niece I obtained way past her little girl years but a niece I have gotten close to and dearly love. I pray for all the best to the happy couple and cannot wait for the kick butt wedding day! This is gonna be one great party for sure!



lilmansworld said...

she is just too darned cute

paul peggy zeus said...

It's a bonus when the girl finds an amazing man to share the rest of her life with. Congrats Ms. Pixie for finding your gem. Best wishes to the new happy couple.

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