Monday, July 25, 2011

Panama City Florida: A Family of Artists

Every day this week the forecast showed rain. Although I was less than pleased that any bad weather would dare to show its face during our vacation I also know that Florida weather tends to change often and a rainy morning usually will turn into a fantastic sunny afternoon. This morning we woke up to a sky full of grey. Rather than sitting in the house the artsy of us decided to go into town and check out the Visual Arts Center.


Although not large by any means I was super happy to find a fantastic exhibit by Linda Mitchell. She is a mixed media artist that uses various materials to create interesting pieces of art that showcase a fantasy land interspersed with childlike innocence.


The more you look at her work, the more you discover. She has bold drawings over top of stubble sketches and I found it incredibly fun to find the little note hidden with a creature in the chaos of most of her pieces.


Mr. Rogue, Mrs. Painter, Ms. Pixie and I spent quite a time in her part of the museum. It is so fantastic to have hobbies to share with your family. I cannot wait to have children and see the creativity that comes out of having two parents as artists. I hope at least a few of them gets the arty gene.


Mrs. Painter even claimed to be inspired to go home and paint a bunch of work. I love when I see something new and it sparks that drive to create. Great things beget great things and I cannot wait to see what Linda Mitchell will show up in Mrs. Painter’s art.


Another artist that we all adored was ______. She created paper flower sculptres that were interesting. It wasn’t until I saw this piece (below image) that I truly loved her stuff. She created a flower sculpture from paper on a wall and then hung a picture frame at a canted angle from a wire in the ceiling about two feet from the wall. It created a fantastic three dimensional piece of art that was awesome!


After the museum we decided to walk around some of downtown Panama City. There were a few fun shops spattered down the strip, in particular the girls were interested in antique and consignment stores. Most of them sadly were closed but we did, much to the dismay of the men, find one large one that was open. What a treasure trove of yummy goodness. Things that I for sure loved but could sadly never get home.


Since it was still slightly drizzling when we got back I snuggled up on the chair with the laptop. Thanks to my niece I got turned onto Tumblr a new mini blogging engine and that birthed my new photography portfolio.


For a while now I have been wanting to set up a site just for my best pieces of photography work. Although I am not sure that this is temporary at least I have one place now that holds the best of the best. Its exciting for me to see it all in one place, scattered throughout my blog I find I get super critical of my photography skills. Now that the best is housed in one place I can step back and see how far I have come in the past year. It makes me happy.

If you are interested in seeing my photography, click here.


lilmansworld said...

only you would be in a blanket in florida! oh wait, I was at thanksgiving while living there! mrs painter does not look old enough to have a college student btw. I hope I look that good when lilman runs away to school :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Ms painter does look terrific and her daughter has turned into a beautiful blossoming adult. It's great to share the things we love with those who are close to our hearts.

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