Saturday, July 23, 2011

Panama City Florida: Escalator Bites

Hello friends, I am trying a larger layout for my photos and would love to have a bit of help deciding whether to keep this layout or go back to the original smaller photos. Can you see the photos, are they too big or do you like it. I really can’t decide and would appreciate your input. You are all the BEST for real!

Love The Rogue Woman

Ahhh there is nothing better in my opinion then taking off, bags in tow, with the one you love to a different and new place. Mr. Rogue and I are soooo looking forward to this trip. Over the past few months Mr. Rogue has been so super busy at his job and we were both looking forward to a little R&R and time to just be together. Of course nothing can ever go exactly as planned and sometimes the best laid plans cannot prevent catastrophes.


The first leg of our journey we flew into Atlanta, the largest airport in the United States, without incident. In fact we had a three hour layover so we had plenty of time to get something to eat, stop at a few stores for another book for me and some snacks and water for our next flight and then get to our gate. Since we were two hours early another plane was boarding so we grabbed seats and waited, and waited and waited until Mr. Rogue noticed that we should be boarding. I went up and talked to get gate agent CRAP CRAP DOUBLE CRAP. Delta changed the gate without making an announcement. Their excuse was that it was changed an hour and a half before the plane was supposed to take off, as if that absolved him of all guilt. Meanwhile since we were there so early we didn’t see the gate change on the monitors.

And of course they changed the gate from concourse A to concourse B. We had a twenty five minutes so we ran... we ran through the ENTIRE AIRPORT, got on a tram to the other concourse and then proceeded to try to run up escalator steps while carrying a heavy bag full of camera equipment. And of course I tripped, in sandals on the escalator and cut the ***** out of the bottom of my foot. AWESOME!!!

I didn’t have time to stop and take a look so I just kept running. We made it to the gate sweating and bleeding just as the agent was shutting the door. Then he informed us that we officially missed our flight, even though he had JUST shut the door, even though I could still see the plane parked outside. I gave him my best evil eye death stare and then limped to the bathroom to take care of my foot. Three deep gashes right on the bottom of my toes. Three wounds that are in the absolute worst place to comfortably walk let alone spend the next week on the beach. THANK YOU UNIVERSE you evil fickle she wolf!


If I could take a sledge hammer to every escalator at that airport I think I would feel better. In fact I did indulge in several fantasies over the next few hours of doing just that thing. Marvellous for my rising blood pressure but not so good for my soul I am thinking.


We got rebooked for a flight three and a half hours late. We were on standby but I was still hopeful that we would get on. Mr. Rogue and I double checked the gate; we grabbed a much needed drink and then went to go sit at the gate, this time in sight of the board so we could keep an eye on any SUPRISE gate changes.

I KID YOU NOT they changed the gate for this flight twice in the three hours we were waiting. One time they announced it and the other time they didn’t even bother. AGAIN. I was livid but thank goodness we were on to the inadequacies of the Atlanta Delta employees. A half hour before the flight was supposed to leave the gate agent made an announcement asking for people to give up their seats for free plane vouchers... not a good sign. Seems that there was an equipment downgrade to a smaller plane and they could no longer accommodate all the people on the flight with confirmed seats. Meaning there was no way Mr. Rogue and I were getting on that flight.

We have now been in Atlanta for six and a half hours, traveling for twelve hours and I was SO NOT HAPPY. Since it was creeping on 10:00pm I knew we had little chance of getting to Panama City Florida so I conceded defeat and went to talk to the Delta counter about getting a flight the next day.

The first evilness I talked too didn’t understand the definition of customer service. All she understood was how to be evil. When I asked about hotel vouchers or rebooking our flight she said that we were on our own, that it was not their fault we missed our flight and that there was nothing that she could do. Rather than ripping her hair out which was my first inclination I politely asked for a manager... she smiled her evil cat smile and informed me she WAS the manager. I walked away.

Mr. Rogue and I walked, well I limped, to a different Delta desk where we spoke with the loveliest person who not only got us on another flight early the next morning but also got us hotel and food vouchers. I will be writing a LONG LONG letter to Delta about the experience we had as well as a LONG LONG rant about evilness and the lovely woman who finally helped us.

Vouchers in hand I limped to the nearest bar. Chili’s served us some passable salmon and the most perfectly icy cold Kailua and creams! YUM YUM YUM!



lilmansworld said...

lilman is concerned for you foot "SHe got a cut, mommy!" Lol about the passable salmon. You do enough traveling youd think you would only book nonstop flights! Vacation station! In my opinion, the photos are grandiose. Good pics tho!

Jason said...

Yeah, Amanda and I have NEVER had a good flight experience. For my sister's wedding they kicked us off a confirmed flight and I missed the rehearsal dinner.

For our honeymoon the plane left over 4 hours late causing us to miss the only connection, and resulted in us missing an entire day of St. Lucia. If that wasn't bad enough, we were stuck in Atlanta (hah!) without our luggage. Apparently international flights require that luggage be contained until it reaches it's destination.

Anyways, the big layout works for me, unless you're going to keep using it to show us super-high res pics of gross injuries!

paul peggy zeus said...

The new format works, it's always nice to have bigger than life photos except like Jason stated of said injuries. lol. What a fiasco traveling can be!

Jess said...

Jay this is nothing compared to the toenail incident!

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