Thursday, July 28, 2011

Panama City Florida: Birds of Panama City

So I didn’t get to see any new birds, but I am not really surprised. I honestly didn’t go looking in fact there was a bird sanctuary right down the street that Mrs. Painter kindly offered to go to with me since Mr. Rogue and I were carless but I declined. I declined when Florida has some fantastic birding in the United States because this was a precious time with family and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. If one of the family had been an avid birder than maybe my conscious could have found a little time to spend one on one with that family member while feeding my insatiable need to bird photo but alas that was not the case.


Even though I didn’t go looking for birds, birds are impossible to not spot, and if they just happened to be where I was I didn’t shy away from taking their photo. I even spent a good hour on the beach right outside our house to go birding there. A few terns and some sea gulls were all I managed to find but since I didn’t have my big lens I had to be a little more stealthy getting close, which is always a challenge I love. I am sure the people on the beach watching me spend a half hour slowly inching toward a group of bird thought I was nuts but I did manage to get some incredible shots.









Then later in the week while lounging in the water on shell island trying not to die without air conditioning or shade I spotted a green heron hunting right by us. Usually a skittish bird this guy was within feet of a ton of people. I ran to the beach to grab my camera and returned to the water. I was able to spend about 20 minutes getting photos of him FROM THE WATER. Believe me it was a unique experience, usually I am far away or above trying to get a good shot, taking the photos from the water I could get to eye level and am SUPER happy with the results. What a rare treat!



Birds are beautiful and so much fun to photo. Birding also happens to be United States number one hobby! It is fun, interesting, difficult at times, birds are everywhere AND it is free.



lilmansworld said...

you embrace all your hobbies, girl!

paul peggy zeus said...

Great shots of the two terns fighting over whatever is between them and I love the Green Heron, said to be the most common Heron in America. He's so stout, it's not always easy to see him, however. :)

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