Saturday, July 30, 2011

Panama City Florida: And then we said Goodbye

We had to check out and say goodbye to our little house on the Gulf by 10:00AM but since our flight home wasn’t until 4:30PM we decided to do something fun in town. The whole family went and it was a bit comical. You see there is no problem for them to fit themselves and all their stuff in the two cars that they brought but adding two more people and their baggage caused a bit of a crunch dilemma. We ended up squeezing everything in but just barely.


We got to town and wandered around. We were trying to find something that would keep us out of the blistering heat.


PERFECT we decided to all go and see the last Harry Potter movie and you know what Mr. Rogue went to a movie for the first time in years.


We all grabbed snacks and drinks and settled in. It was LONG, epic and I felt like the world was ending every single moment. This wasn’t a movie with ebbs and flows it was high action from the moment it started till the very end. After the movie was over and the lights came slowly on I had to hold back tears. That’s it, Harry Potter is over, I don’t have a new book or a new movie to look forward too. It is the end of an era.


After the movie we didn’t have much time but we were all starving. McDonalds won the coin toss. The family had to split up into smaller groups, there just wasn’t a table big enough to seat all 7 of us. Mr. Rogue and I ended up sharing a table with Mr. Dragon... because this little boy LOVES his uncle to pieces. I don’t remember what I was talking to him about but all the sudden he reached over and patted my hand.

Mr. Dragon: “You want a baby right?”

I sucked in a breath of air not trusting myself to answer. Leave it to a kid to cut right to the heart of what he wanted to say. Instead I decided it was safe to nod my head.

Mr. Dragon: “You are going to grow a baby next year. I am sure of it.”

He said it with a huge smile and then resumed eating/dissecting his hamburger. Tears welled in my eyes. I got up and gave him a big hug.


Finally it was time to say goodbye. The family dropped us off at the airport, we said our goodbyes and then Mr. Rogue and I headed toward our gate. You better believe that I checked every monitor we walked past in case they changed the gate on us... we were flying Delta again after all.

As we walked on the small plane that would take us to our first stop I cringed. There sitting next to where our seats were was a screaming baby. I love babies, I really do but after this week with the kids galore Mr. Rogue and I were just desperate for a little quiet time. I thought maybe the baby will stop crying after a little bit, I was very very wrong. That kid screamed the entire two hour flight and I didn’t have my headphones. Midway to our destination, just as I was about to lose it and start screaming too, why should the baby be the only one who can, Mr. Rogue tapped my arm and without saying anything lifted up his iPad that he had been sketching in.


I am not sure if that is HIM jumping out of the plane OR him throwing the baby out of the plane. Either way it added a bit of humor to the situation and we got through the next hour in one piece. The second leg of our journey was much better. No babies, no noise and since we were following the sun all the way home we got about a two hour sunset. The views out the window were FANTASTIC.





lilmansworld said...

out of the mouth of babes :) how sweet!

paul peggy zeus said...

I adore being in the air, above the cloud cover and getting a different perspective of our world.

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