Friday, August 19, 2011

Lesson Learned AGAIN

I had dinner tonight with the Mrs. Dancer, her husband, her sister Ms. Tiny and a cousin at sushi. Let me start out by saying that we have been to this sushi place a kabillion times and it is INCREDIBLE. No one does sushi like they do. I also need to preface for those of you that don’t know that I am allergic to seafood. Don’t worry I am not, oh my god she is going into anaphylactic shock, allergic. No. It is more like if I eat a little too much I get queasy... too much and well I am in the bathroom throwing up the rest of the night. Acceptable maybe in my drunken college days but not so good as a 32 year old adult who cannot say no to sushi.

After a lifetime of toeing the fine line between ok and sick I have learned how much I can safely eat without getting sick... that is until my body throws me a curve ball and I get sick even if I stay within the parameters. SIGH. Yes I will never learn, yes I could just not eat seafood ever, yes I can be a stubborn idiot sometimes; but you don’t understand I JUST LOVE seafood, sushi in particular. Damn your devils siren!

I didn’t know at dinner, as I was laughing and having a fantastic time, that I would pay for this meal later, maybe if I had a crystal ball and known what I would suffer I would have changed the order that I had made. Alas I do not have a crystal ball and I paid for my indulgence for the next two days on hands and knees kneeling in the bathroom.

Seafood, you are like that one boyfriend I had in college. We had fantastic chemistry and a ton of fun, but once the practical side of life entered our relationship was a train wreck. So seafood, like that boyfriend, I may need to dump you on your sorry butt, please don’t follow me around begging for a second chance and under no circumstances should you ever drunk dial me.


Jess said...

Oh no! I'm sorry we got you sick :( We are bad influences. No more sushi! Well, maybe an avacado roll or two once in a while?

lilmansworld said...

pretty much killed my desire for sushi anytime soon!

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