Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lean Mean Studying Machine

So I am working on studying to pass the test for my first of three classes I need to complete to get my Real Estate Licence and OMG is it hard. Since it isn’t a traditional class there isn’t a teacher, or lessons, or a schedule for that matter. It is simply a book, a book that has taken up permanent residence on my kitchen table, and it is up to me to read the chapters, to take notes, and then to do the lessons at the end of the chapters. No one is holding my hand, no one is telling me to sit down and study, it is all up to me and given the choice between taking a nap, or going for a walk, or hanging out at the beach, or even doing nothing is immensely preferable.

It isn’t because the information is boring; it is just the discipline to do it that takes some getting used to. So far I have completed 5 of the fifteen chapters and am happy to say that I am only a little behind the schedule I set out for myself. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I sat at a table, listened to music and took notes, with a pen, from a book. At first it felt rather awkward, but by chapter four I hit my stride.

Of course I could make time to study more and that is what I need to focus to do, but as well as studying there is work to be done around the house, projects I am working on that Mr. Rogue and I have put into motion, as well as my eating and workout routine that takes quite a bit of time and that I refuse to cut back on. I guess I just have to work harder on the word no to the fun stuff, something that has always been hard for me and start working on the word ‘yes’ when in reference to studying.

So here is my goals: I am giving myself four weeks a class. Three weeks of reading the chapters and one week to study to pass the test that will allow me to pass the class. I will be done with these classes by the beginning of November then give myself another two weeks to study for the big test. Come mid December I will have my Real Estate Licence.

There now that I made my announcement I will have an easier time following it. I may even surprise myself and do it faster than that.


lilmansworld said...

ok so stop posting 5 blogs per day and you can achieve your goal lol. you can do anything missy!

paul peggy zeus said...

It is difficult to study or work at home on your own, I have done both and it takes a lot of determination. Not everyone can do it, but I KNOW YOU CAN!

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