Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It’s all Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

You know I my poor cat has the worst luck right now. First cat acne two months ago and now THIS!

Yesterday I woke up to a kitty more grumbly than normal. Seurat is a little like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, he is sweet and cuddly one minute and then a complete jerk the next. So I didn’t think anything about his morning pissy mood. That is until the evening when he was still grumpy and constantly winking at me. Weird... cats don’t wink. OF COURSE he wouldn’t let me get anywhere near him so I shrugged it off.

This morning I woke up to a REALLY ANNOYED cat. He was growling, and pacing and he wouldn’t open his eye. When I finally chased him around the house, caught him and looked at his eye I noticed what appeared to be a scratch right on his eyeball. Poor little baby was in pain! Thank goodness my vet is fantastic. For geriatric patients, which Seurat is at 17 years old, they offer same day appointments and you don’t have to pay the emergency fee. I was able to get him an appointment in thirty minutes. Then began the chase around the house again and then the struggle to shove his husky claw wielding body into his crate. OH HOW HE HATES ME NOW.

I got to the vet with a few extra cat scratches marking my arms, Seurat hissing in his crate. It took two attendants, a few more cat scratches and one cat bite to find out that Seurat has an eye ulcer. Thank goodness I took him in immediately because the vet said another two or three days and he would have had to remove the eye. For now he got a shot and I have to put a gel in his eye four times a day. BONUS. Seurat is the most horrible cat in the world to give meds to, I already gave him one dose of his eye gel and you would swear if you heard him that he thought he was dying.

I would show a photo of the eye, for documentation purposes of course, but I promised after posting my injury of my toe a few weeks ago that I would no longer post large nasty photos of injuries. Therefore you will just have to believe me when I say that poor Seurat has a gross looking eye injury. Your welcome Staples!


lilmansworld said...

staples? I laughed about geriatric patients lol!

Inzodda said...

Pobrecito Seurat!! Thank goodness you got him there when you did. I don't think he would have liked to wear an eye patch. lol :)

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