Thursday, August 18, 2011

The History in the Mirror

I was really close with my grandmother. She was someone special, someone I could always talk to, someone who spoiled me so much that whenever I would ‘visit’ for a long period of time I would come home rotten. She is gone now but I still miss her all the time. Something will happen that I want to tell her, something would occur that I can hear her voice giving my advice in my ear or I something random will happen, like smelling a rose (both of our fav flower) or eating peanuts in the sun cross-legged on the floor and it will remind me of one of the many times I was at her house, sitting at her feet, happy.


I look very much like my father and in turn have some of his mothers, my grandmothers, looks as well. Sometimes when I look in the mirror at just the right angle I can see a little bit of my grandmother in my face. I miss her so much; I miss her all the time.


lilmansworld said...

I had to show this to your bro. Remarkable/incredible/beautiful/the list goes on. I cannot handle it. I need to find a pic of my grandmother so I can see some sort of resemblance too!

Inzodda said...

I can DEFINITELY see the resemblance, what a beautiful woman and a beautiful picture! :) You know my maternal grandmother was my favorite woman on earth, I miss her all the time too.

ashley said...

uhm holy crap! Y'all look very similar! It's kinda wierd lol. That is pretty awesome though.

Jess said...

Another beautiful way that those who have passed on are never truly lost to us. She'd be so proud of you and everything that you have accomplished and overcome. xo

paul peggy zeus said...

I know she watches over you still and would have loved to read this post. She was a remarkable woman. I wish I cold have had a grand ma.

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