Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hamster Wheel

One of my biggest pet peeves, the one that drives me absolutely insane is when I get stuck on what I call the Hamster Wheel. You know the little hamster jumps on his little wheel and runs and runs. The point is that that little hamster goes nowhere. For problems or irritants in my life I like to cut out the constant circling and just figure out a solution to the problem. I have very little time in my life for people, things or habits that constantly net the same result.

So I work very hard in my life to make sure that the little things that constantly swim in my way get dealt with in a way that allow me to be on that Hamster Wheel as little as possible so that my brain power can be used on bigger more important things like blogging!

Take for instance Mr. Rogue’s annoying habit of leaving his shoes EVERYWHERE in the house. Basically the man comes home and dumps his shoes randomly somewhere in the house. Shoes have a place to go; they go away in the closet. This concept however is beyond him.


First I asked him to put his shoes away... solution one fail. Instead of nagging (totally not my style), and which isn’t going to get me anywhere, I decided to just leave the shoes where he left him. That plan however backfired, instead of him getting annoyed and finally magically forcing him to put his shoes away, I instead got more and more annoyed. The final solution is that I now get up every morning and as my oatmeal cooks I go and look for his shoes from the previous night. I put the shoes away and all is well. It seems small, this little thing, but now instead of randomly tripping over his shoes all day I can after that initial moment of looking forget about them. Hence ending the vicious cycle of the hamster wheel.


lilmansworld said...

yes hubs leaves his evidence he has been home too :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Everyone has annoying little habits, good thing you conquered this one.

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