Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Greatest Speech Ever

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. Although my status is set to private I still have issues. Sure my psycho ex can’t see my photos but I find that Facebook is a little voyeuristic... funny that I say that and I write so personally on my blog. Facebook, it just feels different. Less personal, more ‘here is what I ate for lunch’ than anything meaningful. Like when someone asks you how your day was... you say ‘fine’. Fine means nothing. I just shouldn’t have even asked. I think that is why Facebook bothers me, there isn’t any depth.

HOWEVER I hesitate to delete my account because I live far away from many of my family members. People that I don’t talk to often on the phone and although we are not close enough to talk often in our everyday lives it is nice to be able to peek in at new photos of a niece or nephew. See a vacation my second cousin took, hear about a promotion or a wedding. Now I realize that this isn’t creating depth, but it does keep a tenuous connection with those on the periphery of my life.

Then there are also wonderful moments; moments like linking to interesting articles or a more in depth conversation. Things that I feel like ‘do’ enrich my life. Posts like I saw today that my cousin Ms. Babydoll uploaded; a video of Charlie Chaplin giving ‘The greatest speech ever’. It made my day. And for that I will keep Facebook yet another day.

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