Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get to the Greek: Adele

Adele had a recent bought of laryngitis and had to cancel the original concert date I had tickets for a month ago. I don’t often go to concerts, I hate the noise, the crowds and the mediocre performances which makes me a bit of a concert snob I admit. The concerts I do purchase tickets for however are people I REALLY REALLY want to see. Really as in I will brave the idiots out there talking during the show and sitting to close to me and crowding me in line to the always full rest rooms in order to see the band. I honestly was terrified she would cancel her Los Angeles concert like she did the rest of North America due to her illness. Much to my great relief today was her rescheduled event.

I had a hot tranny time of my ‘concert’ partners. Originally Mr. Rogue was supposed to attend, and then he got swamped with work... *eyeroll. Then Ms. Eden was supposed to attend with me, super fun right, except work got in the way for her two... damn all these jobs and bosses ruining my concert... *sobbing. SO the night before the concert I was scrambling to find someone who was:

A. In town – seems like all y’all are little traveling diva’s – I hate you all
B. Didn’t have a kid and therefore an almost impossible time getting a last minute babysitter, on a Monday night – again hate all your working uteruses
C. Who could make it to the Greek by 7:00 – which scrapped a ton of you far off friends who have jobs – ok I don’t hate those who work

Sadly calling through my ever dwindling list with no after no I was starting to think I wasn’t going to find a friend who wanted a free ticket to ADELE... hello what the heck is the world coming too! I finally found my other ticket half in the little sister of Mrs. Dancer, Ms. Tiny, seriously the world’s smallest woman EVER (not really but I tease her about it all the time).


P.S. Ms. Tiny, before you complain about your nickname might I say that the alternatives are much worse.

A. Ms. All too annoying best friends little sister
B. Ms. Monkey

Therefore be happy with Ms. Tiny!


I originally found out about the concert from Mrs. Dancer who bought tickets a few days before me. Because of those two days I ended up buying the only seats left, which were the third row from the back, at least the Greek is a small venue. Mrs. Dancer however nabbed tickets in the pit, as in right in front of the stage. To say that I am jealous and that I don’t want to RIP those tickets out of Mrs. Dancer’s hand in the photo above would be an understatement.


Of course my tickets were expensive, I gasped when I found out what she paid for hers, they were however a wedding gift to each other. I felt a little less jealous, but not much.

Since the Dancer’s were in the pit and I was perched so far back I decided to loan my little point and shoot to Mrs. Dancer. She would obviously get much better photos than I ever would and I always had my cell phone camera for emergencies. I do so hate to be without a camera.


Wanda Jackson was the opening act, everything was running behind which we later found out was due to Adele running late to get to the venue. Wanda Jackson, I had a flicker of recognition, but when she stepped on stage I knew why they were calling her a legend. She was legendary all right, ancient would be another word. Although I respect all she has done and where she has come from in her career, and I also respect her spunk in getting up on stage at 72 years old, that old voice was SO NOT music to my ears.

Her band however was pretty good and I let the music fill my senses as Ms. Tiny and I caught up. At the end of the opening act one of the players literally jumped up on top of the cello on stage and played his heart out with his trumpet on fire. AWESOME!


I have loved her music from the first. Her blues infused voice and her heartfelt lyrics stole my heart. This concert was hands down the best show I have been to in my life. I appreciated the soul I felt in her music. Sometimes watching a live singer or band I am often left feeling deflated, that the polished up songs on the radio are not in fact reality. It is refreshing to be able to go to a concert and hear the same emotion, the same soul, the same raspy perfection as on her albums. Going on a step further, Adele is more amazing live, which few singers in my opinion can also state.


I was surprised what a humble down to earth young woman Adele was. Sure I have listened to her both her albums ‘19’ and ‘21’ a hundred times but I never pictured the fun person she is. Her quirky laugh, cockney accent and way of making herself one of us made me fall in love with her all over again. She was also a little chatty Kathy on stage. She, unlike so many others, got down and dirty dishing on her ex, talking about her see through dress, her tiny wiener dog and cracking jokes. You couldn’t help but smile, the whole audience was enthralled.


Truly a diva in the making with her sequins, smoky eyes and her big hair she reminds me of singers of old. Classy, elegant, sophisticated are words that comes to mind, and this young singer is only 22.


She sang in front of a backdrop swathed in cloth, bathed in warm lights and hung with 21 antique lamp shades giving the stage a nice intimate setting. I think my only complaint is that the concert ended too quickly… I could have listened to her angel voice all night long.


At the end of the show she did two encoure songs. The first, ‘Something Like You’, she asked the audience to raise their cell phones and cameras. Durring the whole song we waved our lights and held our breaths as we were transcended into another world. Magical was what the night was.


Adele you are my new favorite muse, you have concurred this fan for life.

Set list:

"Hometown Glory"
"I'll Be Waiting"
"Don't You Remember"
"Turning Tables"
"Set Fire to the Rain"
"If It Hadn't Been For Love"
"My Same"
"Take It All"
"Rumor Has It"
"Right as Rain"
"One and Only"
"Chasing Pavement"
"Make You Feel My Love"

"Someone Like You"
"Rolling in the Deep"


Inzodda said...

OooooooHHHHHHH!!! I wish I could have been there, you do such a great job describing it all I can't help but feel like I almost was. :) What a wonderful experience!

Jess said...

She was absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to see her again.

lilmansworld said...

She just is soooooo awesome! Music is awesome! That night seemed magnanimous and I felt i was there as well!

paul peggy zeus said...

I truly do like Adele and love going to concerts even more!!

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