Thursday, July 28, 2011

For the Love of Toe

With a brutalized toe, thanks to the nasty escalator, despite my greatest efforts I was still having a hard time keeping my wounds clean and walking... don’t worry folks no more nasty photos of said wounds! When we ventured out for dinner and a bit of fun in the Maze of Mirrors, which was a complete riot, Mr. Pittsburgh made a fantastic suggestion to get some kind of shoe I could wear on the beach that would help shelter my toe because the flip flops I had brought just were not cutting it. We found a crocs store in the cluster of stores just down the block from the Maze of Mirrors and I popped in to see if I could find anything appropriate.


I decided on an adorable pair of rubber and canvas shoes that I am sure would survive the sand and water that would inevitably get thrown at it while keeping the toe wounds in a bit of a cleaner environment. Although I own a pair of crocs and a pair of slipper crocs at home no one would ever know since I have a pretty strict no crocs in public rule. However these crocs were adorable and desperate times come for desperate measures. Let me tell you Mr. Pittsburgh’s idea... PURE GENIOUS!!!! These babies worked like a charm.


The Maze of Mirrors was next on the agenda for the evening. We were given plastic gloves, so we would not smudge up the glass, and we were told to slowly walk through the maze. It was harder than I thought it would be and Mr. Rogue and I dissolved into giggles more than once we almost ran smack dab into a mirror. Throughout the maze Mr. Rogue was trying to analyze the trick, he has such an analytical mind, I truly love that about him. I was content to just enjoy the maze for what it was and not attempt to pull the curtain back from the magic of it all.

After the maze we headed over to the small amusement park at the end of the strip. The kids wanted to ride the bungee jumper which looked totally fun I was really wishing I was younger so I could play too. Instead I had to be content with the adults to share in their joy and to of course take photos of their fun!


The best part of the night had to be the discovery of an authentic looking Zoltar machine. ‘Big’ is one of my all time favorite movies and I couldn’t help when I was a child I often wished to be an adult too. Funny that today I was wishing I could be a child again. I wonder if Zoltar works both ways... I didn’t stay to find out.



lilmansworld said...

seems like a pretty good day!

paul peggy zeus said...

Fun day had by all. Cute Crocks too.

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