Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Delayed Response

You don’t think often of the terrible responsibility you take when you agree to watch someone’s child, their pets, their homes. When someone asks my general response is yes, because generally these people have helped me in the past and because I love to help. You don’t think in agreeing of the choices you may have to make in that persons stead if something goes wrong; choices that could affect the life of a child. This day, the day I babysat my niece Ms. Bambi was the same as any other day.

We played, we watched a movie, I fed her lunch and then I put her down for a nap. Easy peasy, the same way I have done countless of times. Except the nap... that went awry.

Ms. Bambi is almost three, she generally sleeps for about an hour to an hour and a half. The clock with a child becomes your focus. I remember constantly glancing at the clock and once it reached an hour and fourty five minutes of sleeping without a peep I went up to check on her. She was flopped over on her belly, everything looked fine from the doorway and I considered letting her sleep but then decided to wake her. THANK GOD I decided to wake her.

I took a few steps into her room closer to the bed and that is when I heard the wheezing. Concerned I shook her awake and she stared gasping for air.

Ms. Bambi, she is allergic to peanuts and there is a strict rule to not feed her anything that did not come from the house. I immediately racked my brain; NO I did not feed her anything that I had brought, nothing that was suspicious, and certainly nothing that had peanuts. She was now looking at me with frightened eyes... and then she started choking. I snatched her up into my arms and ran her into the bathroom where she immediately got sick. I decided to wait one more moment, give her one minute and see before running off to call 911. That first minute, one after another where I gauged her every gasping breath were torturous. But, wait.... yes... after the first minute those breaths seemed to be coming easier. I decided to give her another minute. After three minutes she could whisper to me. After another five she was talking. I offered her water and we sat, her curled up in my arms, on the bathroom floor.

The breathing got better until an hour later she was running around like nothing happened. I was proud that I didn’t freak out. Her mother came home, we went over exactly what I fed her, what we did during the day. In the end we don’t know what happened, I just thank God that we didn’t need to go to the emergency room, that I made the right decision, that I didn’t freak out when catastrophe came knocking and that this precious little girl is just fine.

I came home and had a large glass of wine and then I let the day’s events wash over me and cried. I am happy I am good in a crisis; I just need to be a little better with the aftermath of one.


lilmansworld said...

um holy cow how scary for the both of you! Glad everything is all well!

paul peggy zeus said...

OMG! but you handled the situation just fine. These kind of things can be really frightening! Happy she is doing well and you made it through the crisis.

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