Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cirque De Soleil – Iris

Mr. Rogue and I headed out for dinner and a show. Ruth Chris was of course amazing, and also detrimental to the diet... damn the cream brulee and its amazing deliciousness. At least we split desert this time, although even that was hard because neither of us wanted to share.


We got to the show in a rush, LALA Land traffic sucks even when you give yourself a hour buffer sometimes that it not enough, but we DID get to the show on time. This is my third time seeing Cirque De Soleil, Mr. Rogue and I saw O in Vegas two years ago and I saw Quidam pre life with Mr. Rogue. We had purchased center stage tickets only four rows back and I adored being that close to the action. Sadly I do have to say that although this show had fantastic oooooh ahhhhhh moments there was a slapstick quirky play like quality that I did not love.

For me Cirque De Soleil is all about the art and the beauty of movement, whether that movement is incredible feats of balance or trapeze acts is moot, the movement and the music create this beautiful dance of art which both O and Quidam centered around. Iris had those moments but the focus was for me off. Interesting yes, the quality I expect from Cirque De Soleil though fell a little short.

Still fantastic, still fun and I still love Cirque De Soleil!


paul peggy zeus said...

Not my fav either.

lilmansworld said...

You guys love Ruth's Chris! Next time tell yourself its yogurt brulee :)

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