Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camera Equipment: EOS Mark IV Quick Review


Mr. Rogue and I rented the EOS Mark IV, Canons best camera, for the week. We both wanted to see if this camera body would produce significant differences in the quality of our photos or if this camera was too much for the price. Let me start out by saying that a week wasn’t nearly long enough to delve completely into what this camera can do. In fact I am pretty sure I only scratched the surface. My opinions from that scratch suggest that no, we are not ready for something this hefty and no, the price certainly isn’t worth the eventual improvement in our photos; at least for right now.


This camera is supposed to be the elite Canon camera for action and wildlife, however I wasn’t able to get consistent results despite the two days I spent with it in the field. Granted I have heard that this camera can take months before consistent photos can be taken, and I only spent two days with it, but for the price I was hoping that the camera would be a little more useable.


Bottom line the thing that tripped me up the most is this cameras 45 AF point system. I found this article really helpful in getting my basic parameters set, and then I played around with many of these settings. I found it difficult to get something that worked for all situations. Sure this camera performs superbly on still birds or birds on the ground with little movement. Tracking birds in flight, specifically the faster terns resulted in not one single good useable photo. My 7D Canon camera however started working consistently the moment I started taking photos with it.


In fact any of the movement shots the sharpness was noticeably off, even in a series of burst images I wasn’t satisfied with anything. For now this is not the purchase for us. It is too soon. We have agreed to stick with the two bodies we have for now and then allow ourselves to overgrow those before taking the next step. We will eventually get a Mark I am sure, just not as soon as we thought we would.


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glad you didn't just purchase it :) your pictures are perfect anyways :)

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