Saturday, August 13, 2011

BBBS 45: Beach Party Bash

Ms. Little and I headed down to the annual Big Brother Big Sister Beach Bash.


Ms. Little swam when we first got there but there was NO WAY I was going into that water, ice bath cold was not my idea of swimming fun! Instead I stood on the beach with her sisters big as the girls frolicked in the water. After the swim Ms. Little changed so we could get in line for Panda Express.


This was our first time at the beach party bash and we were both feeling a little lazy. Neither of us wanted to play with the hoola hoops, throw the balls or enter the sandcastle competition. Instead we sat and relaxed in the sun, we talked and just enjoyed the beach.


It was really nice meeting the other bigs, seeing some new matches as well as several very long matches. We talked to one match that had been together for over 14 years. I can just imagine Ms. Little and I together for that long, helping her get her first car, helping her get over her first crush and getting through college. We have only been matched for three years yet it feels like much longer. I am excited for our future and seeing her grow up.



paul peggy zeus said...

Love those pictures of her at the beach!! NICE.

lilmansworld said...

that is quite the grown up pose for lil sis :) so LA

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