Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BBBS 44: The Orange County Fair


When I think of the country fair I think about pie eating contests, pig races, magic tricks, wild rides and down home cooking with tons of fried yummy goodies. Throughout America county fairs were the beginning of the Six Flags and Disneyland’s... and to me they give a good old comfortable vibe of friends and family. Where great memories are made and I was so excited to finally get a chance to go to the Orange County Fair with my two favorite little girls!


Of course the girls were ecstatic to go to the fair and although we did some nubie thing wrong, hello I didn’t know about the all you can ride bracelets until after I filled two separate ride cards of tickets, the girls still had a fantastic time on all the rides.


Since we are trying to get pregnant and I don’t know if I am yet this month I decided to forgo the crazy scramble your brain rides. I did however indulge in the spinning swings and of course the gigantic Ferris wheel. These rides are totally safe and besides I love being so high up!


We got to eat lots of food that is so completely terrible for you. So bad that I didn’t stick to my diet. I felt however that I didn’t have much of a choice since the theme for the fair this year is ‘Let’s Eat’... and eat we did. I had a foot long hot dog, tons of cheesy garlic fries and then later because we were at the fair and apparently it is a pre-request for visiting I ate something fried. I decided to pick an odd fried food so I choose the fried snickers bar. YUMMMMMMMMM. Not exactly the healthiest day of eating for sure! Diet be damned, today was a cheat day for sure.


We stopped at a little booth with an adorable array of colored pots of paint and choices for fancy face designs. Both girls picked their favourite and sat in the chair to get painted. They were warned not to move their faces while the artist was painting, that was my cue to try and make them laugh!


They are growing up so fast and it was fantastic to get their face painted. For the rest of the day they were smiling from ear to ear and even got some compliments from other kids in line who wished they had their face painted. You should have seen them glow.


We went to pet all the animals, decided to skip the elephant ride and then we visited the creepy crawly exhibits. Much to Ms. Little’s dismay, she is a girly girl through and through, and much to her twin sisters delight, who is a little tom boy, there was a snake and you could take photos with it. How could I deny her! It made me laugh that it took almost 10 minutes to allow the woman to place the snake across my little’s lap (on the right). She even refused to hold the snake’s tail so it wouldn’t fall off. Her twin on the other hand relished holding the vipers head. I was impressed with the weight of the snake, especially since it was draped across my shoulders, that thing was HEAVY!


I am constantly trying to boost up my little’s confidence. She is shy, on the cusp of becoming less little girl and more young teen. She mentioned that she does not like her birth mark and I told her it looked like a beautiful flower, like queens ann lace. Her grateful smile was such a great reward for just a few words.


On the hour drive home we talked of school and college, of making a better lives for themselves and how they have to work hard in order to have the best in life. Both girls struggle with school, both are stuck in a horrible poor school district, the odds are stacked against them but they are good kids and I think with the right push their possibilities are endless.


lilmansworld said...

funny we both went to the fair the same week :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Great time had by all. That face painting on Ms little looks so cooool!

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