Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Brain: High Risk Tests

This will be a rant... beware!

WHY oh why is it so difficult to do your job!

It all started two weeks ago, the expected time I was supposed to get the results from Mr. Rogue’s and my blood tests for genetic screening. People I had to wait two whole weeks, in an era where we can get a full meal in under two minutes and ask Google any question from anywhere on our tiny cell phones, two weeks is an eternity; that and the fact that patience is one of those virtues that eludes my grasp.

So two weeks goes by and I call my doctor. I left a message and then no one called me back. A week later I called again, leave another message and then ‘try’ to patiently wait. I get it, you are tired, you are busy and things generally fall through the cracks but after calling my office four times I expect a call back in a timely matter, not two weeks later, or when you get around to it.

Finally the third time I call I finally spoke to someone who said they still didn’t have my test results back but she would go digging and call me back. Two days later I call AGAIN, talk to the same girl who ‘forgot’ to call me back. Anyways she states that the lab, the place I got my blood drawn for the test, lost the results and they are currently looking for them. UHHH HUH!

So another week slips by, I call; leave another message and NO ONE CALLS ME BACK AGAIN. Dear office people at my new high risk Malibu Barbie’s OBGYN office I officially hate you, you all suck, you all cannot do your job.

SO THEN in frustration so thick that I am actually seeing red - I just start randomly calling, never leaving a message because why bother. I finally get a hold of someone, I make her put me on hold while she researches where my results went. I wasn’t going to trust her to call me back, so I wait, and wait, and then wait some more. The girl finally finds the results, talks to the doctor, gets her signature on the results so she can finally tell me that there is nothing wrong with either of us. All our tests are normal.

That is the good news, that we are both healthy, that there isn’t some horrible genetic mutation with our combined DNA. That according to the medical world Mr. Rogue and I should eventually be able to have a happy healthy pregnancy and baby. The bad news is that it took two extra weeks and innumerable hours on the phone to get that information. Malibu Barbie doctor, I really like you, but your office not so much. Guess it is good I am looking for another OBGYN’s office.


lilmansworld said...

Hmmmmm. How frustrating! Yay for baby making!

Jess said...

I commend you for not going postal :) So happy that you are both perfectly healthy. Now they can focus on the real issues. Even if you have to stay in bed and I have to bring you dvd's daily! xoxo

paul peggy zeus said...

Agree! I don't trust a doctor whose staff doesn't know up from down! This kind of treatment isn't going to help you.

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