Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Brain: An Elephant Hug

I am still dealing with my horrible loss of two miscarriages. I still don’t have a clear answer as to WHY this is happening and right now Mr. Rogue and I are trying to get pregnant again. Not a day goes by where I don’t pray for those lost pregnancies, for myself to be healed and for a successful healthy pregnancy and birth. A child is the thing I want more than anything in this world and I still have a hard time interacting with children and swallowing the desperate yearning for my own.

But those miscarriages, those lost dreams of those children, the tears in my heart... it hurts. I have been wanting to reach out to others in my situation, so I joined thebump.com. On the site, in a community thread is a string for women who have had miscarriages to share their stories, to encourage each other and to just be with people who have been there. I never knew how lonely having miscarriages could be. Sad as we all are, these strangers have helped me heal.

There is a story I came across of elephants that I found so touching.

“When a mother elephant loses her baby, the other elephants stand in a circle around her and allow her all the time she needs to grieve and mourn. They don’t hurry her along, or push her to abandon the body. They gently touch her with their trunks, a silent show of unwavering support.”

There are two women who I found through thebump.com who are hoping to give back to women who have lost children. They provide a stuffed elephant to doctors offices with a letter telling the receiver that they are not alone. The doctors give the elephants to the women who like me, and like both of them, lost their pregnancies. I think it is a most beautiful endeavour and I may try something similar with my doctor, because knowing that you are not alone is a powerful thing.


dcjs said...

What an amazing gift for someone in pain. I like that idea alot!

paul peggy zeus said...

The elephant story is amazing. I love how they interact with life and with death as well. Love you, little girl.

lilmansworld said...

I never heard of thebump. Glad they have something that can hopefully be encouraging for you :)

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