Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Brain: The Building Blocks

Mr. Rogue and I recently underwent full chromosome testing. Chromosome’s are a unique organized structure of DNA that vary widely from person to person like a thumbprint. Each of our 46 chromosomes are like library shelves each houses a large number of books which are the individual genes.

Chromosome abnormalities are more common than I realized. More than 50% of miscarriages in the early stages of pregnancies are due to chromosome abnormalities. Because of my two recent miscarriages, and because we don’t have any answers as to why those pregnancies ended, my doctor opted to do a chromosome test on both my husband and I. Abnormalities in the parents chromosomes that might be dormant in the parents could translate into major problems for a fetus.

Thankfully for us neither Mr. Rogue or I have any chromosome issues. But even without any problems my original OBGYN and the high risk OBGYN both agree that both miscarriages ended because of chromosome problems. The bad news is that I got two miscarriages in a row. The good news is that all the doctors and all the tests I have taken all point to the fact that Mr. Rogue and I are both perfectly healthy. There are not any issues that they can see and the general consensus is that we will have a healthy child in the future.

Today I got my test results in the mail to add to my now bulging medical file. It is cool to see the building blocks of what makes me me!



Inzodda said...

Totally cool!! I want one! :)

lilmansworld said...

that is pretty cool~!

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