Friday, July 15, 2011

A Real World Monopoly Game

I have been diligently going through the mountain of finance books that I bought and finally a few weeks ago finished. Ready for the next challenge, and following the advice of our CPA, I am going to get my Real Estate Licence. I ordered the books for the three classes I need to take which should be here next week.

It will be interesting to go back to school even if it is only for a shot while. I enjoy learning new things and if my husband and I are going to be investing in real estate then it makes sense to know as much as I can about the industry.

After taking the three classes, which will probably take me nine weeks to complete I have to take the Real Estate Licence exam. Although I haven’t sat down for a test in a class in a long time I assume it will be much like riding a bike.


And just think I will get to play monopoly for real soon!


lilmansworld said...

WOW! That is so exciting! So happy to hear of this news!

Jason said...

Tsk tsk, everyone knows that if you're playing Monopoly you go for the wheelbarrow (or the dog). :-P

Inzodda said...

Well if you get yours, then I don't have to get mine because I can just come to you for the advice. lol Unless of course I do decide selling real estate would be a worth while hobby some day. Good Luck!!

paul peggy zeus said...

You can do anything, anything at all.

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