Saturday, July 23, 2011

Panama City, Florida: Into the Eye of the Hurricane

There is a hurricane but it isn’t really close to where we are going. It is however going to affect the weather. Every day it is forcasted to have thunderstorms, how long those thunderstorms last, an hour... maybe two, is anybody’s guess. I really really love thunderstorms and I miss, so I AM excited to get to be in a few while we are in Florida. I just hope we don’t get rain all day every day. Mother Nature has to give me SOME time to go outside and take pictures, to enjoy the sun, to frolic in the gulf, to sip margaritas digging my toes in the sand while watching the sunset.

I am sure to have lots of fabulous photos, catastrophes and stories when we get back. See you in a week.

Love, The Rogue Woman


paul peggy zeus said...

Thunderstorms usually don't last all day long, so I'm sure you'll find sunshine in between. Have a great time and talk with you when you get back. :)

lilmansworld said...

try to capture a rogue wave!

Inzodda said...

Have a stupendous time!!xoxoxox

Jess said...

I hope you get to have some fun in the sun, but gotta love sitting on the porch watching Thunderstorms :) I expect some awesome lightning shots when you get back! xoxo

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