Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Kit-Kat gave me a Black Eye

This is a very short story where I picked a fight with a kit-kat and ended up with a black eye.

It started out bad. Monday I went to the grocery store and in a moment of extreme weakness bought a six pack of kit-kats. They are so not allowed on the diet just in case you were wondering. Kit-kat and the paleo diet do not mix at all!

But then by the time I got home I had a moment of strength and I put the kit-kat bars in the freezer in the garage. In hindsight I should have thrown them away because today I went to the fridge and I ripped open that bright orange package and I inhaled the kit-kat. It tasted SOOOOO GOOD at the time, so yummy for those three minutes, but then I started feeling the regret. Are three minutes of bliss really worth sabotaging days of good food choices? This is junk I am putting in my body.

The story would have been a ton better if I hadn’t eaten another one later that night. I will never learn. Sigh.


paul peggy zeus said...

So how'd you get the black eye? I like to buy those tiny Hershey candy bars and when I have a weak moment, I can eat ONE without feeling too much guilt. Besides, they say an ounce of dark chocolate is good for you! SWEET!

Jess said...

Nonsense, you are learning. You're slowly learning to control the hold that they terrible horrible, devil's own delicious things have over you. The inches coming off says it all :) Head up, and next time just drop the kit kat and squish it like the bug that it is. HUGS!

lilmansworld said...

gimme a break!

Buy PGX said...

It's hard to stay away from your cravings if you're on a diet.

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