Thursday, July 7, 2011

Escape from Alcatraz

We had more excitement on the Fourth of July than we really anticipated. When we arrived home from the Fruits house and walked into the backyard I started immediately panicing. My precious rottie Rogue was missing. I called and called, my heart starting racing, a million thoughts went through my head and then my angel neighbour Mrs. Rambo called out from the top of her roof startling me out of my fear. Yes they were on the roof, watching the fireworks, but it took me a good few seconds of confusion to figure that out.

Seems that Rogue got out of the backyard and went straight for Mrs. Rambos house next door. Thank goodness they were home and that they saw him on the front porch because who knows what would have happened to my sweet boy. I went over and picked him up and then started trying to see in the dark how in the heck he got out.

Recently Mr. Rogue, my husband had pulled down the mesh we had installed on the gate when we got Pheonix. Rogue is not really an escape artist, he is happy where I put him. Pheonix on the other hand had escaping down to an art, when we got her Mr. Rogue put up the mesh. He took it down because Rogue has never tried to get out, unless you call last years fireworks escape fiasco.

I don’t have a permanent collar on my dog. I know I should but I love to ruffle up his neck fur, which a collar gets in the way of and I hate the clanking of the name plates in the morning. So he does not normally wear a collar at home, and only gets it put on him when we leave the house for the dog park, a walk, the vet or groomers etc.

You better believe that I put his collar on immediately when I got him home. If he got out again, in the meantime of us trying to fix the gate, I wanted to be sure that at least whoever found him would know how to return him home.


Of course it has been many many many --- ok too long since I have had a new nameplate made for Rogue. Basically at this point it was worthless, you couldn’t read anything on the tag. So Rogue and I went to the pet store for some new neck bling. I found an adorable orange and blue argyle collar and we got a fancy new shinny name plate made. He has been strutting around the house with his new collar happy as can be.


Over the next few days I started trying to keep Rogue in the yard. The harder I tried the more determined he was to thwart me. Over the next four days he got out every single day. Even with the new collar I started getting paranoid. He is a black dog after all and at night it is hard to see him. I didn’t want him to get permanently lost, hit by a car or adopted by someone else. I had to find a totally ghetto creative way to try and keep him in the yard. So I started with a similar setup to what we did last time. I added mesh to the gate the first day. But that didn’t work so I then added more mesh the second day and still I was totally unsuccessful. In desperation I starting installing what I hope to be temporary bricks. The multiple layers of mesh and the addition of bricks have finally stopped the breakouts.


Rogue, I won this round, now you are safe and sound.


paul peggy zeus said...

Glad Ms Rambo was home to save the day and your dog too! He's too precious to be wandering around a big city. Rogue, you stay home where you belong!

lilmansworld said...

aww such a puppy thing to do! very nice selection of collar and tag btw

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