Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BBBS 43: Santa Monica Pier

Although it was a big gloomy outside in LALA land, stupid June gloom spreading all the way into July, Ms. Little wanted to still go to the Santa Monica Pier today. I can’t resist those big doe eyes of hers and although time was crunched and traffic was bad and the weather was less than perfect we still went. Its amazing how much adult constrictions don’t really matter to a child, it makes me wonder why these things are so important and generally makes me realize that some things aren’t as doom and gloom as they seem. We had a fantastic time despite my initial internal objections.


The girls, Ms. Little and her twin, were all smiles clutching their McDonald’s cups in their hands as the wind ruffled our hair. I can’t help but be infected with happiness when around them.


Of course it was super busy on the pier, not so perfect SoCal weather and the fact that it was a Wednesday afternoon didnt seem to detour the crowds from crawling all over the dock. With entertainers, tons of shop, yummy things to eat and of course the small little amusement park we were anticipating a fun few hours.



I wasn’t really up for the shaking the belly crazy roller coaster or the spin you till you throw up spin ride so the girls indulged those on their own as I stood on the side and smiled. I did however ride the Ferris wheel, because I love/adore/can’t get enough of Ferris wheels!



We rode this ride for a good twenty minutes and surrounded by two little girls the chatter never stops, the excitement never ends, the curiousity is endless. It is a pure joy.


I think one of my favourite things about the Ferris wheel is the fact that you get to be high up, I love the different perspective I get on the world around me and being a photographer I love all the new angles it allows me to photo.




Of course being a Big Sister is not all fun and games and rides. It is also about being a good role model and helping the kids in their lives as much as possible. Today I was dismayed to learn that they are again changing schools... this makes the 6th school they will be attending in the three years I have been Ms. Little’s big. It just makes me so sad; so sad and so powerless to help. The girls are already at a huge disadvantage living in some of the worst neighbourhoods and therefore in the worst school systems in LA.


Couple the bad schools with changing teachers, curriculum, environments and friends I am sure that it is beyond difficult for all the kids in the family (there are currently 5). It is hard to not try and fight for them for a better environment... or to try and better their situation. Big brothers big sisters have advisors that help guide the Big’s in sticky situations like this and they do a good job helping us. They are constantly helping us see that we simply here to be a friend and to guide the children, to try to help them cope and to show them the bigger world. Although I intellectually understand the boundaries and why they are there it is still difficult in practice to keep certain boundaries in place.


I love these kids so much. And I continue giving what I can hoping that I can help them find their feet in a crazy bit world and that it will be enough to make a difference.


Jess said...

Oh no! Not again! Ugh, what happened this time? Give the girls hugs from me!

paul peggy zeus said...

YOU ARE a FANTASTIC role model! It's a wonderful experience and I still think of my little I had after you kids grew up. It's such a rewarding experience.

lilmansworld said...

Can I be your little?

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