Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yellowstone National Park: Because Sometimes I Just Want to Run Away from my Life

I have always been a loner. Sure I love people, I adore a good group of friends and I have some fantastic people in my life who are so special to me, however, when things get bad I am a run away, hide and lick my wounds kind of person. I always have been and I probably always will be. Some won’t understand, some will have their feelings hurt, but those who love me, those who know me will try to give me room.

When I found out I lost the second pregnancy the walls started closing in again. I feel like there is VERY LITTLE I can do to help move things along and attain my goal of becoming a mother. I feel frustrated at being unable to do anything but WAIT.It helps me to throw myself into things I CAN do something about, things that can take my mind off of what I cannot change and for me taking a trip is just the thing I need.

So I am going off to Yellowstone National Park for two weeks. I am going alone; I am disconnecting from online and my phone. I am running away to recover, immersed in nature, knee deep in photography, where it is quite, where I can think and I will be back. Back with what I hope will be the energy to keep fighting, to work with the doctors, without the dark raincloud following me everywhere I go and with a lighter spirt.

I hope you understand or at least acknowledge that everyone is different and I know what works best for me. See you in two weeks with some fantastic adventures and what I hope will be some amazing photos.

Rogue Woman


lilmansworld said...

have some good quiet time....maybe let God talk to you eventhough you don't want to hear what he has to say... He wants to listen to you

Jess said...

you know i'll be waiting patiently for your return :) Love you Rogue Woman!!!

paul peggy zeus said...

i'm glad you came to see us on the way to Yellowstone. Have a great time doing what you love best. photography, nature, birds and animals.

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