Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons: Grand is Simply Inadequate

Mom, Dad and I all woke up early. I still had five hours of driving left and was anxious to get on the road early and Mom and Dad were moving to a different campground today. I tearfully kissed them goodbye and then jumped in my car to take off.

Later when I crossed over the Wyoming boarder I knew I was almost there... my excitement was over the top.


And then before I knew it I hit the border of the Grand Teton National Park.


Grand Teton National park was part of a plan to further protect the surrounding regions of Yellowstone National park which is 10 miles north of Grand Teton.



The park contains approximately 310,000 acres of land and includes most of the valley in Jackson Hole and virtually all of the major mountain peaks of the Teton range.


I had read about the Teton Mountains and how beautiful this area was so I carved out a bit of my itinerary to spend two days in the park.


Grand is simply inadequate the scenery is simply breathtaking and the constant backdrop of the Tetons makes every vantage point impressive.


Probably one of the most scenic places I have been to the majestic snow capped mountains hover over a super still Jenny Lake. In fact at the end of the trip I wished I had carved out a little more time for the Grand Teton National Park.


Although rain sneaks up almost every day, the showers are gone just as quickly as they swept in and the clouds created. When the skies did finally clear and the Tetons were revealed you could have sworn they were touching heaven. It was such a magical place.


I ended up staying only one night at the Grand Teton National park, which left only a day and a half to spend in the Tetons, not enough time by far folks. I had capitulated, both my dad and my husband laid out their arguments about me traveling alone, how cold it would be and bears/muggers etc, so I decided not to camp as I had originally planned and stay in hotels or cabins. I choose to stay at Colter Bay Cabins, primarily because I threw this trip together last minute and that was all they had at such a late notice. However I was pleasantly surprised by how decent it was. I wasn’t expecting much and it was MUCH better than having to set up a tent in the 35 degree night. Sigh I hate it when the men in my life are right and I am wrong.


I woke up early the next morning. I wanted to maximize the day and not miss an ounce of the light. One of the most famous sites to see and photograph are the old barns on Mormon Row. I spent a good part of early morning into afternoon to get the best shots.


With the flat sage valley and the Grand Tetons rising out behind the old barns I cannot imagine the joy the Mormons who lived here in the past had waking up to go milk the cows every morning.


And of course the animals were EVERYWHERE. I cannot wait to get to those posts. This trip was a wild animal wonderland!



paul peggy zeus said...

The mountains look so COLD with all the snow on them, I've never been here before and have it on my bucket list of places to go, things to see, Moose to visit with.

lilmansworld said...

it certainly does look as if you put two different locations of photos into one but knowingly, you didn't and it looks absolutely beautiful! I would go crazy if it started raining on the tin roofed cabin!

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