Monday, June 6, 2011

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons: Driving to Salt Lake City

Ohhhh goodness me I am back! Back to my husband, my bed, my dog and cat, surrounded by good friends and family. The trip was FANTASTIC... better than I could have imagined and like I thought exactly what I needed. I have so much to share with you and will be posting a TON of things over the next few days to fill you in on all the happenings over the past two weeks. It is good to be back.

I was so excited for this trip that I packed five days early, as in I packed all my bags, non perishable food and camera equipment. My husband thought I was a nut... I would like to argue that I am a genius. You see the reason I was originally going to leave on Tuesday was because I had concert tickets to see Adele at the Greek, and depressed or not there was no excuse to miss seeing Adele, I had been looking forward to this concert for so long. But then Friday I found out that Adele had laryngitis, that she was cancelling her concerts for the next two weeks and that the tickets I had for Monday were going to be rescheduled. Here it was Friday, I was ready and there wasn’t anything keeping me from leaving early. Saturday I took Ms. Little and her twin to Disneyland (there was no way I could cancel on a little girl on her birthday). Then despite the fact that I was exhausted I loaded all the packed items I had in a pile in our bedroom into the car. I took off early Sunday morning.


I was too excited on the drive up to be tired or bored, there was too much to see for sure. Everything was so new and different; I kept dragging out the camera, excited at all the inspiration.



I had the music blaring loudly, the windows were rolled down, the wind was whipping my hair; I was on an adventure and who knows what was around the next corner.



I love the freedom of being alone, not worrying about if the other person is bored, or tired, or if they have to go to the bathroom. There is no one to double check on me or for me to double check on them.



Everything is by my decision, my rules, my wants and needs... and when I come across something like an old dilapidated house I can stop and not worry about screwing up someone else’s timeline.





All I have to please is myself. It’s very selfish for sure but also very liberating. I am alone and free........




It was going to be a 17.5 hour drive to the Grand Teton National park which is too long to drive in a single day. Thankfully my parents were camped just outside of Salt Lake City.


Since Salt Lake City was on the way it was a perfect place to stop, see my parents, take a day’s rest and then continue on my way. As I neared the city it got dark fast, the clouds rolled in and the last hour was a hellish amount of crazy dips and turns in the road. Thankfully I made it without too much problem. Tired from my days adventures for sure but overjoyed at the change of plans.



Ashley said...

Those pictures are beautiful, I love that old house. Glad you are back and I can't wait to hear more about your trip

paul peggy zeus said...

The scenery was beautiful along the way. Love the "Hairy House" lol.

lilmansworld said...

IF you were to have a blog photo across the top of your blog, I feel it should be the 2nd one because it describes you to a T: my lens aka my focus

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